Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Faculty, Jean Pierre Lehmann - NIIT University

Jean-Pierre Lehmann is a visiting professor at NIIT University. He has made immense contribution in the fields of socio-economic and business dynamics of East Asia, impact of globalization on developing countries and the government – business interface, especially in respect to the global trade and investment policy process. Previously Prof. Lehman has served in various capacities at leading institution of the world like Associate Professor of International Business at INSEAD, Visiting professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, founding director of the Center for Japanese Studies at the University of Stirling (Scotland), where he also taught East Asian history. He also directed the EC-ASEAN ‘Transfer of Technology and Socio-Economic Development Programs’ (1981-1986). Prof. Lehman is also, Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy at IMD (Institute for Management Development) in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1995, he launched the Evian Group, which consists of high-ranking officials, business executives, independent experts and opinion leaders from Europe, Asia and the Americas. The Evian Group’s focus is on the international economic order in the global era, specifically the reciprocal impact and influence of international business and the WTO agenda.