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Industry-Linked Programmes

Where university meets industry

The world of education is evolving to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society. Today, students who step out from behind campus walls need a combination of technical knowledge, hands-on experience and creativity if they are to add value to the organisations they join. But the gap between what the industry demands, and a skilled workforce who can meet those demands is quite large. It is this gap that NIIT University (NU) sought to address when it laid the foundation of a curriculum that is industry-linked, technology-based, research-driven and seamless.
As a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning, NU is the gateway between higher education and the real world. NU strongly believes that a mix of rigorous academic learning and intense vocational training is the right way to provide a holistic, well-rounded education to students.

Collaboration between industry and academia that leverage their combined knowledge of business practices and trends, and proven methodology and pedagogy is mutually beneficial to the growth and progress of both.
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Designed in close consultation with the industry to address immediate challenges and to anticipate future needs, NU’s industry-linked programmes (ILP) apply academic rigour to the knowledge and skill sets that industries require their personnel to acquire. Students of the programmes are either those already employed in a specific industry or those who can be absorbed upon successful completion of the course.

NU provides innovative state-of-the-art lectures, valuable knowledge and ground-breaking methodologies while the organisation offers students business experience through internships, and opportunities to put their skills into practice. Students get the chance to translate theoretical ideas into practical projects. Through exposure to real-time projects under the guidance of industry professionals, the students develop professional and practical skills in their chosen field and an understanding of what it means to apply knowledge in a real work setting.

NU’s strong industry connect is not limited to assured internships and placements. It extends to the co-creation of the curriculum, lectures and talks by industry experts, joint research and evaluations, etc. All of NU’s industry-linked programmes have an Industry Advisory Board consisting of eminent industry leaders who provide valuable inputs to the curriculum.

NU’s industry-linked programmes are characterised by several unique courses and programme elements that bring them closer to industry requirements. The unmatched diversity of experiences, both academic and work-related, that these programmes bring to the classroom is a major differentiator in the overall teaching-learning process at NU. NU has rightly been acclaimed for the robustness of its industry-linked academic programmes.


NU’s unique industry-linked programme harnesses the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry to offer cutting-edge, industry-specific programmes for industry professionals and individuals desirous of entering a specific industry.

NU’s links with the industry go back a long way.

MTech (Cyber Security) with Infosys Ltd

Co-created with Infosys, NU’s MTech Cyber Security programme is a joint initiative to attract the best and brightest professionals to a career in cyber security. NU’s academic rigour will help participants master the skills and expertise they need to be world-class professionals.

MBA (Information Systems and Data Engineering) with Coforge Ltd

NU partners Coforge Ltd, a leading global IT solutions organisation, for a two-year MBA programme in Information Systems and Data Engineering. This first-of-its-kind two-year work-integrated programme, supported by Artificial Intelligence, is characterised by strong industry-focused domain training. It presents a unique opportunity for students interested in data analytics to create a long-term career in the fast-growing area of Data Engineering.

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Banking and Relationship Management with Axis Bank

NU, in collaboration with AXIS Bank, offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Relationship Management to professionals from different streams, with zero to three years of work experience, who have the desire to forge a career in priority banking.
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