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Mehak Bhatiya

Mehak Bhatia makes her mark with industry giants

As a child, I wanted to be a pirate and dreamt of becoming an explorer and discoverer of new worlds. It was pretty disappointing once I grew up and learnt that mostly everything that could be discovered, already had been,” reveals NU alumnus Mehak Bhatia as she starts us off on her adventure.

Samarth Gupta

Making a global mark

For Alumnus Samarth Gupta, NIIT University’s academics and well-rounded student experience prepared him for a flourishing career in the constantly evolving technology industry.

Bringing nature one step closer

Bringing nature one step closer

NIIT University’s (NU) orientation has been specifically designed to bring man closer to nature,” – Air Cmde Kamal Singh, Advisor, Infra-Services at NU NU strongly

A blueprint for energy conservation

A blueprint for energy conservation

The construction of a single building can have a ripple effect on the environment and its adjoining surroundings. The following facts are sobering. ~ 50%


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