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Summer Internships

Early exposure to the working world

At NIIT University (NU), we believe that when our students graduate, they must be ready to take on the world. To that end, NU’s courses are designed to prepare students to enter the workforce. There are a few ways in which we do this. One is by ensuring that the curricula provide an industry-linked education that is responsive to the domain knowledge and skill sets required by industry; the second, is by ensuring practical on-the-job training right from the first year onwards through Industry Practice and summer internships.

How it helps

It is never too early to start preparing for a career. On-field experiences help give you a head start on gaining the skills and experience you need in your chosen field.

Summer internships:

  • Provide students their first formal exposure to a professional workplace Internships help students learn new skills, and to familiarise themselves with organisational structure, project organisation, work culture, and workplace etiquette.
  • Give students a chance to test the waters By working in an industry aligned with the career goals they envisage, students get the chance to discover whether that career or professional workspace is the right fit for their skillsets.
  • Help students gain work experience Summer internships typically extend for two to three months. During this time, NUtons work closely with professionals in their chosen domains. They acquire functional knowledge, develop competencies, and gather experience that is directly related to their career goals.
  • Help students build a professional network Internships give an opportunity to students to gain mentors, seek references and build their network of business contacts and relationships, all of which can help them in securing their final placements.

On-field experiences

NU’s Centre for Industrial Collaboration (CIC) invites leading companies to participate in the university’s summer internship programme during the summer term. A student can also bring in an organisation that they are keen to intern at, as approved by the CIC.

Summer internships may include a pre-structured internship in a large company, a one-off project created for you that suits a company’s immediate needs or could entail multiple smaller internships.

CIC’s faculty monitors summer internships operations, while the NU Academic Office oversees them academically.

Summer internship projects

1Manan ThakarBTech CSECETPA InfotechWebsite hosting
2Ronald TonyBTech CSEDuta SWChatbots
3Aishi BhattacharyaiMBALearnweelMarket research
4K AdityaIMBAUnico ConsumerSales & marketing
5Parnika JindaliMBAChatpalMarketing campaigns
6Sneh Kumar MishraiMBANielsenIQRetail intelligence – client delivery
7Aditya NaikiMBAPidilite Industries LtdOnline gifting
8Suyash Bapat & Ussam Husain SiddiquiiMBAAshoka.OrgPlanet and Climate Initiative – Mapping and filtering of planet and climate fellows
9Abhijeet Singh, Aman JainiMBANIIT UniversityDigital marketing for NU
10Mounika Thatta, Alistair VaziMBANIIT UniversityCompetitive analysis
11Navelli Gupta, Mousumi SahaBTech CSENIIT UniversityAR VR campus tour
12Pearl Miglani, Shreyans JainBTech CSENIIT UniversityMoodle enhancement for QR code-based answer upload from mobile
13Sathya Narayana BhatBTech CSENIIT UniversityMoodle enhancement for data analysis and report generation
14Govind Yadav, Shereen Verma, Shonali DuttaiMBANIIT UniversityBuilding alumni activities
15Gokul Dev Gupta, Ritwika Choubey, Sreejita MukherjeeiMBANIIT UniversitySocial media techniques for marketing
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