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NIIT Lineage

Leveraging over four decades of excellence and leadership

Built on over four decades of rich expertise and legacy of NIIT Limited, NIIT University (NU) was set up in 2009 to be the leading center of innovation and learning in the emerging areas of knowledge society. NU’s founders aimed at creating a world-class educational institution that would equip India’s future generations with the Knowledge, Aptitude and Skill sets considered necessary to solve current and future societal challenges. NU adopted an innovative approach to address the lacunae in the prevalent methods of teaching and learning to prepare the youth to meet challenges of a rapidly changing world. It was the vision for building ‘The University of The Future’.

The foundation

Set up in 1981 to help the nascent IT industry overcome its human resource challenges, NIIT, today ranks amongst the world’s leading training companies owing to its vast and comprehensive array of talent development programmes.

Over the years, the erstwhile computer training institute has metamorphosed into an education services heavyweight providing integrated solutions for computer-aided education. NIIT, has become synonymous with building skilled human capital and enhancing workforce talent. Its courses in IT, banking, finance, insurance, communication skills, and management have built and enhanced the careers of millions of learners. NIIT’s presence has grown across India and the world. With a footprint in over 30 countries globally, NIIT is a leading talent development corporation and one of the world’s top IT training companies.
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NIIT Ltd. has reinvented itself several times to ride the highs and lows of the economic tide; and while the university only started taking shape in the early 2000s, the seed of an idea of creating a university for holistic education sprouted way back in the early 1990s.

Rajendra Singh Pawar, the Founder of NIIT, observed the needs and aspirations of the young students who joined NIIT courses. Students who were studying for their undergraduate degrees (BSc/BCom/BA) would enrol for the NIIT course while attending regular college. They would finish four semesters at NIIT while taking breaks for college exams. After the successful completion of the course, NIIT would place them as interns in organisations that partnered with NIIT. The model of industry-linked education and its pedagogy made NIIT’s offerings popular with its students and industry alike, which made Mr Pawar realise the need and relevance of education that would make students industry-ready. Many brainstorming sessions with like-minded people later, NIIT University(NU) became a full-fledged concept.
quotes“After the initial push, it [NU] will venture forth on its own on a great voyage of knowledge creation and discovery, independent of the company.” – Rajendra Singh Pawar, Chairman & Co-founder NIIT Group & Founder NIIT University.

The edifice

Conceptualised as a financially, ecologically and intellectually self-sustaining, not-for-profit institution, NU is a proud extension of NIIT’s efforts towards achieving its socially beneficial objective of imparting education that is relevant to the need of industry.

NU shares NIIT’s vision to make India a technological heavyweight by providing its youth with ample opportunities for technological upskill. It leverages NIIT’s core competencies of pedagogy development and technology usage to provide quality education. The strong reputation that NIIT has for trust, innovation and technology now provides a rock-solid platform for NU to build on.
quotesNIIT mainstreamed the use of information and communication technologies to guarantee high quality and standardised learning outcomes. Through NU, we are leveraging the attributes for a higher purpose — to make conventional academic education more relevant and futuristic.” — Vijay K Thadani, Vice-Chairman & MD NIIT Ltd and Co-Founder NIIT University
The NIIT footprint
  • 40 years
  • 30 countries
  • Empowered 38 million learners

For more info, visit www.niit.com
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