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Why NU

Let’s tell you about it!

We are a transformative community. The energy at NU is infectious and inspires teamwork, encourages collaboration and enables continuous learning. We are a committed, talented group of individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

You are committed, enthusiastic and interested in furthering our mission of lifelong learning.Whether you join our faculty or our non-academic staff, you will be part of a productive ecosystem that is committed to diversity and inclusion, respect and fairness, honesty and freedom of expression.

Together, we will teach and learn, grow and evolve, and journey together on our path towards being the University of the Future.

We are committed to offering you a productive life, and the promise of work-life balance. We also promise a generous roster of benefits. Come, join us, if you want to:

Shape a better future

You will help to bring transformative societal change by facilitating education that goes beyond merely providing knowledge. You will help future generations to become problem-solvers.

Be part of an open, professional environment

Professionally managed, NU is a meritocratic and transparent organisation free of administrative and hierarchical barriers. The vibrant environment is filled with creative energy and interactive faculty-student culture. World-class infrastructure and facilities including IT and support services make work a breeze.

Want to be valued

You will have multiple opportunities to contribute to NU, in ways that suit your preferences and strengths. All contributions, academic and non-academic are acknowledged and recognised. Our remuneration scales are at par with the country’s best educational institutions with annual salary revisions. We also offer incentives to recognise commendable faculty research outcomes.

Pursue lifelong learning

We are genuinely passionate about continued education. Be inspired by the change-makers, innovators, researchers, and industry experts on campus. We provide ample opportunities for you to pursue your academic interests.

Enjoy work-life balance

Situated against the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, our sprawling 100-acre green campus has been aesthetically designed to nurture creativity. Enjoy the benefits of a serene environment, sustainable living, and an easy commute on our walk-only campus.
quotes NU has provided me with a platform to try new teaching methods, as well as a free-flowing student-teacher connect. The work culture provides better learning opportunities for students as well as teachers. NU also provides me with a scenic and natural environment to capture various species of birds through my lenses, so I can indulge my passion for photography” – Abhisek Dutta, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Management Area

Follow your passion

We encourage innovative ideas and provide support and guidance to breathe life into them. Unique initiatives like Community Connect, The Asian Lenses Forum, Artist in Residence and ingenuity add lustre to a campus experience that is filled with inclusive warmth and creativity.

Faculty experiences

Find out what the faculty like most about teaching at NU. Listen to why they like doing what they do
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