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Design My Future

Craft your own future

Who are you? Who do you want to be? How will you achieve your goals?

If you have ever questioned yourself, if you have thought your future is uncertain, if you are unsure of what you want to do or you are wondering if the career you have wanted all your life is the right fit for you, then you are not alone.

NIIT University’s (NU) ‘Design My Future’ programme is designed to help you answer these questions for yourself.

A fresh start

It all begins at Resonance, our induction programme for first year undergraduate students, where we get external experts and faculty members to conduct a two-day workshop. The key objectives are: Read More
  • To encourage students to connect with their inner selves
  • To motivate students to think deeply of the purpose of their lives beyond the campus, while focusing on their professional selves
  • To enable students to develop and articulate a vision for their professional career
  • To empower students with tools that they can continue to use to further refine their vision and action plan

Interactive workshop

As part of the highly interactive workshop, students undertake a career navigator exercise that helps them identify the careers for which they are most suited. Group activities increase their self-awareness and help them visualise their careers after graduation.
The workshop also equips students with the tools and techniques that enable them to convert their career aspirations into goals and goals to actions, so they can begin working on achieving them from day one.

By the time the workshop ends, each NUton is encouraged to spell out their career vision and purpose and build a roadmap with timeframes to achieve the same.

Student responses make it clear that the exercise benefits them immensely.
quotesThe overall session was really great as it made me aware of myself; unless I know myself, I will not be able to know what I really want in my life.” — A first year student at a workshop held in 2019

Mentoring throughout the course duration

The benefits extend far beyond the workshop, which is only the first step. The Design My Future initiative extends over the entire duration of the undergraduate and MTech programmes. Throughout this period, NU faculty, mentors from our Centre for Industrial Collaboration as well as external experts provide individual career counselling and guidance to our young students, equipping them to transition seamlessly from the university to the workplace to realise their career dreams.

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