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Industry Projects

A broad innovation spectrum

NIIT UNiversity’s (NU) industry-related research ensures that students understand the needs of the industry and teaches them to apply academic knowledge to real-world challenges. This not only aids in value creation for industry but also leads to the development of applications that benefit society at large.

NU’s multi-pronged approach to academia-industry partnership includes:

Industry Practice

NU’s 20-credit flagship course for BTech and Integrated Master’s Programmes students in their final semester, Industry Practice allows students to work on real-time projects of an organisation under the mentorship of industry professionals and NU faculty. This six-month course allows university students to transition seamlessly to an industry professional upon graduation.

Industry-linked programmes

Designed in consultation with industry to address present and future needs, the courses bring academic rigour to the knowledge and skill sets required for industry professionals.


Similar to Industry Practice in scope, six-month internships are also offered at the master’s level. Undergraduate students can avail of the two-month summer internships through the Centre for Industry Collaboration (CIC).
Name IP organisation Role/Profile Title of the project Project abstract

Ankit Pahuja

2019, CSE


BigBasket Software Developer Intern BigBasket Monolith to Microservices The main goal of the project is to move bigbasket’s architecture from monolith to micro-services. Multiple assignments will be assigned with duration of time.

Sudarshan Raghavan

2019, CSE

Deep Cognition Inc. AI Engineer Intern Invoice Interpretation and Querying using Deep Learning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques The scope of the project is to evaluate existing OCR engines such as Tesseract, OCRopus etc., identify which performs best for the task of interpretation of invoices under certain conditions. After this task, the next objective is to build a software/product/application which is an information retrieval system that will use deep learning techniques to perform querying of previously collected OCR invoice data.

Vanshika Rohatgi

2019, BT

Daksh Hospital Waste management Biomedical waste in a hospital Biomedical waste in a hospital which will give answers to these questions-what are the types of waste that are generated, what are the measures that are taken care to deal with it, what can we do to increase the safety of an individual while dealing with these types of waste, how it is been taken care of in a hospital.

Deverapally viharika

2019, CSE

Ernst & young Cyber analyst Web application pentesting Web application pentesting.Testing the websites for vulnerability using pentesting tools and finding solutions for the vulnerable attacks and mitigating them.

Siddharth Swain

2019, GIS

ESRI India GIS Trainee TSD TSD/ ArcGIS Suite of Products

Chaitanya surabhi

2019, CSE

Ernst & Young Cyber Analyst Web Pen Testing Web pentesting, pentester, finding vulnerabilities

Saurav Singh Verma

2019, CSE

FlyNava Technologies UI/UX Developer Jupiter Airline pricing analyst tool

Vandit Sharma

2019, CSE

Forethought integrated infotech private limited Cyber security analyst Click fraud detection R&D & web security Click fraud detection solution to minimise the money invested in digital marketing of out product. Also protecting their entire network and websites from being hacked through security testing.

Y Rahul Nikki

2019, CSE

Goolean PVT LTD. IOT Developer (Technical) IOT development and blockchain implementation Implementation of block chain and integrating with iot gateway with AWS.

Mandala Sai Kushal

2019, CSE

Goolean Technologies ML Engineer Face recognition Working on face detection and face recognition with AWS.

Shivam Ratnakar

2019, CSE

IBM Data Science Intern Vision Based Solution for Retail To build a vision-based solution for retail organisations that allows them to manage their inventory using image processing and product recognition.

Gaurav Kumar Yadav

2019, CSE

Honey Badger Labs Developer EagleOwl (Restaurant Operations Manager) EagleOwl is a restaurant operations manager with razor sharp focus on improving your back office efficiency using a bit of science, technology and common sense to increase profits, lower the cost of goods and streamline process.

Nishi Chandra

2019, CSE

IBM Intern project Trainee ISL Alert system Alert system for EDI systems. EDI stands for electronic data interchange. An alert system for the supply chain management unit is to be maintained so that all alerts related to EDI are at the same location for users to analyse and give correct solutions to their clients.

A Mano Vishnu

2019, CSE

ITS Planners and Engineers Front End Developer Designing Front End for TIS (Traffic Intelligent Server) Traffic Intelligence Server (TIS) is a server-based ITS solution from ITSPE that is designed to give power and flexibility to traffic managers in traffic operations and management. TIS can read real-time data from a wide array of ITS devices: vehicle and pedestrian detectors, traffic cameras and UTC and UTMC products. Moreover, adapters can be built on demand to from a wide variety of ITS sensors and systems. Regardless of the nature of your current ITS assets, TIS can be integrated into them to maximise the value from your existing investment.

Akshay Sharma

2019, CSE

Thoucentric Data Science Intern COGS/AMD Visualisation of client data using SL/Tableau and automising using AMD

Sarthak Jain

2022, iMBA

Genact Block Chain Cost and contract mgmt using Block chain The objective is to create a real-time service using Blockchain that can allow transactions of information, agreements and contracts using Private Blockchain for enterprise.

Riya jain

2022, BT

IIT Ropar   Continuous Glucose monitoring machine Basic patent search,Creating design prototype and finalizing design

Aditya joshi

2022, BT

Britania Quality Control Quality Analysis of Raw material & packaging material Analyse raw material for packaging of the cake, know about their testing parameters, physical, analytical and microbial analysis.

Ankita Sharma

2022, BT

Dabur Research Intern Multidimensional approaches to combat COVID-19 The key result would be that the reader would be informed of the various efforts being made by scientists and pharmaceutical researchers around the world to aid citizens in their fight against the disease. The Ministry of Ayush will be given extra attention because the Indian media rarely covers India’s old alternative medicine system and its efforts to find a cure for the infection.

Ajinkya Bedekar

2020, CSE

IBM Data Science Intern Ausenco Contract Analysis Analyse contracts with firms and segregate clauses into different categories such as Payment & Fees, Warranty, Limit of Liability, Consequential Damage, Project Information, etc. Check compliance of clauses according to Ausenco’s stated rules.

Ankit Gupta

2020, CSE

IBM Data Science Intern Distracted driver in an edge device Detect if the driver is driving the car safely, through a 24X24 window search detect elements that are distrubing the driver, camera installed inside the car raises alarm on finding the driver distracted, upload model in an edge device (mobile phone)

Chinthalapudi Venkata Sai Vishnuvardhan

2020, CSE

IBM   GPU Deployment Test project on invoice processing(cpu), Deploy project on GPU Server

Jatin Gupta

2020, CSE

IBM Data Science Intern Contract AnalysisSoftware for construction engineering company Ausenco Extract content from documents/contracts, categorise text extracted to predefined classes such as payment terms, warranty, liabilities, etc, Check if text is compliant with defined rules of the class. For e.g., compliance of labour laws with the national statute for labour laws.

Aayushman Arya

2022, CSE

DataVinci Bigdata engineer Measurement plan of incubeta A brief description and detailed analysis of the client’s website which will be done in the measurement plan. In that plan, each and everything that client has to implement in order to get the desired results will be mentioned with relevant examples.

Siddharth Bisht

2020, CSE

IBM Data Science Intern Understanding Invoice Processing Pipeline Creation of an intelligent system capable of identifying the variation in the input and map it to its corresponding Key present in the Master Key File

Priyanshu joshi

2022, CSE

Deloitte Data Science Intern Front end Developer We have to deliver the admin E-learning master interface with the customised learning and a master page that should contain each and every link for it. With all this we have to arrange the learnings according to the priority

Monika Kommineni

2022, CSE

Genpact Data Science Intern Unlabeled Review Analysis To deliver a good model that can classify the labels of the text with good accuracy and find the sentiment to it.To provide the best segmentation to retain maximum labels for the classifier.To provide a model that can be used to obtain the best key phrases that represent the text along with the hierarchy it belongs to

Ritu Sihag

2022, CSE

Genpact Bigdata engineer Belair Hotel Website Creating a Hotel Website using Angular, Typescript, Html, SASS. It’s a completely dynamic and responsive website. We have to create a Front-end design. The entire design is constructed in Figma which we have divided into different sections like Search, Map, Booking, and Others. I have to design the Hotel part in which I have to create a filter. My first task is to create checkboxes, price slider, star rating in the filter by using angular material

Aniket Chakraborty

2022, CSE

Bigbasket Data Science Intern BBRouting Primary outcome is supporting a scalable API for B2B clients and providing extended support to internal teams. Secondary objective is the creation of a stable production level UI to access and test the API with ease.

K Aditya

2022, iMBA

Virtusa Industry Analyst Relations HFS Industry Top 10 – Capital Markets Services – 2022 The primary outcome of this project is to reuse published report in marketing and promotional material. HFS is one of the highly reputed analyst firms and this will be helpful for marketing and sales teams. Though predicting the exact impact or benefit in terms of numbers is difficult, when work is done on multiple projects like these, the chances of being chosen by an organisation as a vendor improves.

Bhargab Deka

2022, iMBA

GFK – Nielsen India Pvt Ltd. Mgt.Trainee – Data Analytics CAPTURING CHANGING PRODUCT PREFERENCE WITHIN AUTO INDUSTRY (TYRES) – CONSUMER OR INDUSTRY DRIVEN Capturing changing product preference within auto industry (tyres) – consumer or industry driven premiumisation and innovation within auto industry identifying white spots and creating sales decks for Indian industry.

Akash Chakraborty

2021, ECE

Zest IOT Embedded IOT Engineer Intern 1.Container Tracking 2.• Camera AI project implementation 3.• Tug Boats Projects deliverables are as follows: Container Tracking: To track the movement of the containers even when there is no sky view. Create biometric identification tokens for the handler. Real time IMU data for all marked containers on crane movement. Camera AI project implementation: To track the movement of the gas cylinders via camera. Get the attentiveness of the person in charge of the test bath. Get the ROI of the person in the test bath via a camera Tug Boats: To track the movement of the boats. To track the fuel consumption, engine status as well all related information. Perform analytics on the visualised data

Pranav V Pramod

2021, ECE

Inker Robotics Robotics Software Engineer A Speech-to-Text Algorithm to be used in various devices planned to be developed by Inker Robotics. Aim is to build an End to End Automatic Speech Recognition algorithm which can be used in a variety of devices and therefore has to be compatible and compressed enough to run in all kinds of devices. Primary Outcomes – A working Speech to Text module as well as a plugin.
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