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NU's Orientation Programme

NIIT University (NU) has conceived, designed and developed a unique university-orientation programme called Resonance for incoming students to make their university journey joyous and rewarding. The orientation programme has been part of the university’s events since its inception in 2009. Students participate in the programme along with their parents/guardians on the first day.

They get to interact with the NU Leadership team to share their aspirations. Students are given a campus tour and are taken trekking. They take part in tree planation and are given an overview of the various sustainable approaches such as EAT (Earth Air Tunnelling), the STP treatment plant, rainwater harvesting, solar harvesting, ground water recharge, etc., put in place by NU.

Key objectives

Resonance aims to:

  • Make the transition from school to university smooth for new students by familiarising them with academic and campus life at NU
  • Enable them to get to know their batch mates, seniors and faculty members thus forging the way for friendships and collaborations lasting a lifetime
  • Expose them to ways of gainfully using their new-found freedom
  • Help students become self-aware and reflective learners by undergoing NU’s unique teaching-learning practices.
  • Internalise the ‘NU way’ by absorbing NU’s values and aligning with NU’s Vision and Mission.

Resonance 2021

‘Resonance 2021’ was held in virtual mode since due to pandemic restrictions, most freshers (NUtons) could not come to the campus. The Induction Programme started with the Head Start Boot Camp (HSBC) from 1-4 September 2021, a session that is specially designed for students who enrol under the Early Admissions Mode offered by NU. This is the first session that NUtons undertake in their academic journey.

HSBC included:

  • Interaction with co-founder Mr V K Thadani
  • Interaction with NU Leadership
  • Separate academic workshops (CSE, ECE, Bio-Tech and IMBA) by the Technology and Management departments
  • Invited talk by Prof Sugata Mitra on ‘Perceptions of Self’
  • Workshop on PQI (Personal Quality Initiative)
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions (virtual mode)
  • Parents’ interaction with NU Leadership
  • Virtual cultural performance
NU Resonance 2021 was conducted from 5-14 September 2021 for all freshers. This included:
  • Welcome address by Prof Parimal V Mandke, President NU
  • Test on programming and mathematical proficiency
  • A session addressing and inspiring NUtons by Mr Rajendra Singh Pawar and Mr VK Thadani.
  • Academic workshops (parallelly for all areas).
    • Invited talks:
      • Mr Som Mittal on ‘Living on Campus, a Life-Changing Experience’
      • Ms Avani Davda on ‘Leading an Iconic Brand’
      • Mr Kiran Karnik on ‘The Mind is a Parachute: How to be Counted Amongst the Countless’
      • Prof (Dr) Koo Voon Chet (Malaysia) on ‘Improving quality of life through smart sensing’
      • Ms Sanya Kapoor (Alumni) on NU experience as NUton
  • Workshop on Career Navigation – ‘Design My Future’
  • Workshop on ‘Joy of Gratitude’
  • Briefing and interaction by Deans, Area Directors and Unit Heads
  • Briefing by Club Coordinators and Activity Heads (ingeNUity, siNUsoid, TedX, AIESEC, Hult Prize, NSS and TALF)
  • Cluster meetings and cluster reporting
  • ‘Show Your Talent’
  • Virtual club activities
  • Virtual campus tours (Eco tour, Green air-conditioning, Suryoday sthal, Ashtachal, nooks and corners of NU)
  • Parents’ interaction with NU Leadership
  • Ms and Mr Fresher Competition
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions

Avani Davda (Strategic Advisor, Bain Advisory Network)


Som Mittal (Former President and Chairman, NASSCOM)

Som Mittal

Kiran Karnik Director, Central board of directors of Reserve Bank of India


Professor Koo Voon Chet, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University, Malaysia


Sanya Kapoor
(Alumni Ex -NUton)


Resonance 2021 – Results

  • Cross Country:
    • Girls (1.6 kms):
      • First: Prachi Bharti.
      • Second: Samvida Shukla.
      • Third: Chetana More.
    • Boys (3.2 kms):
      • First: Abhinendra Yadav.
      • Second: Aarya Ghai.
      • Third: Siddharth Saini.
  • Ms & Mr Fresher:
    • Ms Fresher: Prachi Bharti.
    • Mr Fresher: Krishna Routh.

Resonance 2020

The NU Induction Programme began on 10 August 2020 for new students joining in the 2020-21 academic year. Due to the constraints imposed by the pandemic, the entire programme was redesigned and conducted online The Induction Programme started with the Head Start Boot Camp (HSBC), a session specially designed for students who enrolled under the Early Admissions Mode offered by NU. This is the first session that NUtons will undergo in their academic journey.
For BTech students, the session was titled Prothink, revolving around ‘Programmatic Thinking’. It was designed to enable problem-solving skills using flowcharting as a tool. The focus was on problem decomposition and managing the problem by addressing simple constructs. The tools used are flowcharts and related graphic tools. At the end of the session, incoming NUtons will be able to solve large and complex problems using the techniques learnt.
Prothink was conducted by Prof Eswaran and Dr Deepika Prakash from the CSE department. Prof Debashis Sengupta, Area Director, CSE, conducted an interesting session called the ‘Magic of Numbers’ for incoming students of both BTech and Integrated MBA programmes.
Resonance 2020 (17 – 31 August 2020) comprised several interesting sessions:
  • Prof Prabhu Aggarwal, President, NU – Welcoming students to NU
  • Founders Mr Rajendra Singh Pawar & Mr Vijay Thadani – sharing their vision and experience
  • Prof Parimal Mandke, Vice President – Journey through the unique education process followed at NU
  • Maj Gen AK Singh, Dean, Student Affairs – A virtual campus tour as well as a virtual trek to Suryoday Sthal
  • Air Cmdre Kamal Singh, Advisor and NU Leadership team – experience of viewing the beautiful sunset at Ashtachal virtually
  • Prof Ratna Sanyal, Dean, Research – Undergraduate research opportunities at NU
  • Prof Vijay Mandke, Founder & Mentor Professor – Preparing for the Unknown – Learning Futures
  • Several interesting sessions – Design My Future, Learning to Listen, Unnat Bharat and Swachh Bharat, Problems, Perspectives & Possibilities and many more
  • Invited talks by eminent personalities

Resonance 2019

Resonance 2019 was held between 12 July 2019 and 3 August 2019. A key activity in Resonance 2019 was a workshop specially designed to enable incoming students to draw a roadmap to achieve their aspirations.

Design My Future Workshop

Incoming NUtons underwent a two-day workshop named ‘Design My Future’ (DMF) as part of NU’s Induction programme – Resonance 2019. DMF is a specially designed programme conducted by invited experts.

As part of the workshop, every student undertakes a Career Navigator exercise, a test that allows them to find out the careers for which they are most suited.

The students were then taken through a set of group activities designed to increase self-awareness and to help them visualise their careers after graduation.

At the end of the workshop each NUton came up with his/her career vision and purpose and built a roadmap with timeframes to achieve the same.

The Design My Future initiative goes beyond the 2 days of the workshop. It provides individual mentoring to fresh recruits for their entire 4-year duration at NU. Students are mentored by NU faculty, CIC (Centre for Industry Collaboration) mentors and external experts with several years of industry experience.

Mrs Syeda Imam, Writer & Filmmaker
Mr Rajendra Singh, Waterman of India
Mr Mahesh Shastry, Flynava
Mr Ashish Kashyap, Finzoom Investment Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs Parvathy Eswaran, Storyteller
Mr Pradip Baijal, Former Chairman, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)
Mr Harpal Singh, Chairman, Impact Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Om Prakash Pal, Director Campaigns, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation
Mr Vamsi Krishna Rupakula, Global Head, Infrastructure Management Services, NIIT Technologies
Mr Rajat Rai, Senior Analyst, PwC (NU Alumni)
Ms Ayushi Jain, Data Specialist, IBM (NU Alumni)
Mr Arvind Thakur, Former Chairman & Managing Director, NIIT Technologies
Maj Gen Neeraj Bali (Retd.)
Mr R Ramanan, Mission Director, NITI Aayog
Mrs Harjinder Kaur Talwar, President, FLO (FICCI Ladies Organisation)
Mr G K Sukumar, Vice President Global Training Services, IBM


  • Theater
  • Robotics
  • Adventure
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Photography and Video making
  • Arts
  • Debate
  • Computer Gaming


  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Gym
  • Table Tennis
  • Cross Country
  • Cage Cricket

Resonance 2018

NU’s orientation programme for Early Admissions students, called Head Start Boot Camp (HSBC), was held from 7-14 July 2018. Apart from familiarising the incoming students with the campus, faculty and their seniors, the programme had intensive workshops on Actionable Analytics, Robotics & IoT, Digital Marketing and Business Ideation.

Resonance 2018 was held between 13 July 2018 and 4 August 2018 during which time incoming NUtons felt completely at home on the campus, made friends with their batchmates and seniors & were aligned to the NU way.

The programme began with the registration process for fresh students. While students busily completed registration formalities, parents were given an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any issues during the ‘Interaction with NU Leadership’ sessions which included the President and Deans. There were separate sessions with Mr Rajendra Singh Pawar, Founder & Mr Vijay K Thadani, co-Founder. Mr Thadani’s speech about the seven Ps to realise your future was well-received by both parents and students. The session was followed by the ‘The President’s Welcome Dinner for Parents of NUtons 2018’ hosted by Prof VS Rao, President – NU.

The students also had a one-on-one session with the Deans and Area Heads during the Coffee with the Deans sessions. Prof Parimal V Mandke, Dean-Academics; Prof Sunil Khanna, Dean-Research & Area Head – BT; Prof Prosenjit Gupta, Area Head – CSE; Prof Navin Kapoor, Area Head – ECE; and Prof Sushil Kalyani, Area Head – Management, participated in individual discussions.

Resonance 2018 inspired incoming NUtons to imbibe life-changing values from the Invited Talks series that saw luminaries and technology leaders including Mr Pavan Verma, Mr Aravind Thakur, Mr Arun Maira, Ms Chhavi Rajawat. NU’s alumni, Ms Prachi Singh (BTech – Biotechnology) and Mr Saharsh Tibrewal (BTech – CSE) shared their student-to-workplace transition journeys.

Speaker Title
Sameer Anja, Co-founder & COO, Arrka Cyber Security & Data Privacy
Som Mittal, Former President & Chairman, NASSCOM Where are We Headed
Arvind Thakur, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NIIT Technologies Opportunities & Challenges in Tech Industry
Mohit Thukral, Senior Vice President, GENPACT Future of Work
Pavan Verma, Former Indian Foreign Services (IFS) Officer and Rajya Sabha MP Adi Shankaracharya
Chhavi Rajawat, Sarpanch, Village Soda Inclusive Development
Rajendra Singh, Waterman of India Solutions to Global Warming and Climate Change
Pramod Bhasin, Vice Chairman, GENPACT
Arun Maira, Former India Chairman, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Listening and Learning
Harpal Singh, Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Perspectives
Prachi Singh, NU Alumni Anything can Happen
Saharsh Tibrewal, NU Alumni #LifeisFunny

In keeping with its guiding declaration – University of the Future – a workshop on ‘Design your Future’ provided several tools and techniques that students could use to convert their career aspiration into goals and goals into actions so that they could begin to work towards achieving them from day one.

Other workshops such as ‘Know your learning styles’, ‘Learning to learn’, and ‘Intensive programming’ aimed at assisting students to become strategic learners with abilities to pick up higher order thinking and performing skills that are required in workplaces. Challenging activities such as the Branding Game, Contemporary Business Issues and movies on management brought home interesting perspectives to students.

Several activities were conducted outside the classrooms and outside the campus. Students visited the Neemrana market just outside the campus, Rani ki Baoli, an awe-inspiring 9-storied stepwell, and the magnificent Neemrana Fort as part of the Neemrana Heritage Visit.

Exploring the campus included treks to the various peaks of the Aravalli Hills right behind the campus – Camel’s Back, SCAR, as well as Valley Crossing. Students also planted trees and explored the workings of the green campus cooling system – Earth Air Tunnelling (EAT). Students were divided into clusters and houses and participated in keenly contested tournaments in various sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and cage cricket. They also participated in a cross country race.

Resonance 2017

Resonance 2017 was held between 13 July2017 and 5 August 2017 by which time NUtons began to feel completely at home and aligned to the NU Way.

Resonance 2017 aimed to:

  • Instil team spirit, sense of responsibility, cooperation and camaraderie
  • Emphasise the importance of maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit
  • Inspire positive outcomes – better grades, improved communication skills and a strong academic foundation
  • Sensitise learners to sustainability and protection of the environment
  • Hone students’ skills and encourage them to display their latent talent

List of Activities

  • Arts & Yoga
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Photography & Film Making
  • Computer Gaming & Social Media
  • Debate & Elocution
  • Adventure
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Sustainability
Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik, Former Chairman, Microsoft India addressing NUtons 2017
At the Camel’s Back
Ms. & Mr. Fresher

Resonance 2016

Resonance 2016 included:
  • Preparatory classes in concepts and practice in programming and mathematics for courses that follow
  • Intellectually stimulating sessions on ‘Puzzles for algorithms thinking’
  • Sessions on ‘Learning to learn’ enabling students to understand this learning style
  • Awareness about The Asian Lenses Forum (TALF).
  • Interaction with alumni through panel discussion
  • Microsoft Innovation Centre Activities
  • Interaction with eminent personalities from different walks of life through Invited Talks
  • Science Quiz
  • Opportunity to cultivate a hobby of choice

List of co-curricular activities

  • Arts Club: A place for aspiring artists to hone their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together
  • Dance club: Students were taught basic choreographic elements and tools. The purpose of the workshop is to help them create on their own dance sequence and to be able to express themselves through body movement. The workshop culminates in a dance competition on the last day
  • Debate club: Students were encouraged to identify and express opposing viewpoints on current relevant societal topics
  • Electronics club: High frequency radio communication was discovered by electronics enthusiasts. The club enthused students to make a few discoveries of their own
  • Music club: Entertainment was free and featured the musical group, A Little Bit of Heaven. Students were taught the basics of singing and to play instruments like guitar, drums, etc.
  • MIC Club: Demonstration and enrolment in various Microsoft portals like Dreamspark, MVA, bizspark, etc. Technical training on topics like HTML, C#, Introduction to game development, innovative product ideas competition, etc.
  • Photography & Video making club: Students were taught to use DSLR camera for photography and video recording. They were also trained in Photoshop and movie making tools for enhancing the quality of captured photo/video
  • Theatre club: Theatre is a team activity. The teams were given random themes for which they had to write the script and plot the characters. The teams rehearsed and presented plays

List of outdoor activities

  • Sport: All clusters participated in various sports like volleyball, table-tennis, basketball, cricket, etc.
  • Sustainability: It’s a great way to get students energised about taking care of Earth and helping society while learning about some of the most important issues facing the world in the 21st century
  • Adventure: Adventure sports are a great way to build confidence and leadership. Activities such as trekking and valley crossing were organised

List of a few invited speakers

  • Mr Harpal Singh, Chairman, Nanhi Chhaan Foundation (also Mentor & Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Healthcare Limited)
  • Mr Keshav R Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS Global Services
  • Mr Rahul Patwardhan, CEO, NIIT
  • Ms Syeda Imam, Former member of the National Commission for Minorities, India
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