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Fuelling a vibrant community of learners

The faculty at NIIT University (NU) is drawn from both academia and industry to nurture an academic ecosystem that encourages independent thought, collaborative research and holistic development.

Our faculty members are leading luminaries from the fields of science and technology, research, management and industry, with one common goal – to mentor our student community and guide them on a journey of exploration and discovery.

NU faculty members have doctoral (or equivalent) degrees from premier educational institutions in India and abroad. They are engaged in research in future technologies such as spatial computing, nano science and nanotechnology, bioremediation and bioenergy, etc. With an optimum mix of young doctoral scholars and experienced, senior members, NU’s faculty have successfully embraced new teaching-learning pedagogies such as project-based learning, Additive Curriculum and Masters in Residence.

Their path-breaking achievements include the making of value-creating experiential learning integral to conventional classroom instruction and introducing real-time industry projects an integral part of regular curriculum.

Under their guidance, students learn not just to conduct research but faculty members who are industry experts also guide students during their Industry Practice and support them during their industry projects. NU’s student community also benefits from our teacher-student ratio and the unparalleled access they have to their professors.

Key distinguishers

Our faculty members are not mere educators; they are accomplished thought leaders, innovators and researchers. They are also great mentors, always willing to lend a willing ear, a supportive hand and a comforting word right from Resonance, NU’s induction programme until the students graduate.
NU faculty are:
  • An optimum mix of university faculty and industry faculty
    Courses in state-of-the-art technology such as cyber security and Fintech are best learnt from domain experts
  • Adept in digital teaching
    They are highly proficient in digital teaching on NUgget, NU’s integrated digital teaching-learning platform
  • Student-focused
    Every student is assured of individual attention as faculty members take into consideration each student’s individual learning requirements
  • Engaged with industry
    NU’s faculty can help guide students during their Industry Practice semesters
NU faculty are dedicated to the success of our students and form the core of our learning community. They have been fêted by the National Academy of Sciences, India, for lifetime achievement, and have been honoured with ‘Best Teacher’ awards from reputed institutions.
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