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MBA (ISDE) with Coforge Ltd.

MBA Information Systems and Data Engineering

Data analytics is the backbone of all business decisions. The lower cost of computing and data storage powered by the Internet has enabled organisations to collect and store vast amounts of data. This has led to the rising need for MBAs trained to comprehend the science behind the decision making.

NIIT University’s (NU) two-year MBA programme in Information Systems and Data Engineering is designed to train students in data analytics and enable them to tap into its huge potential across different business verticals. Analytics jobs are trending right now as top consulting firms and renowned enterprises eagerly seek talent with data and analytic skills. Data engineering is one of the highest paying jobs worldwide.

To tackle the acute shortage of well-trained data professionals, NU ushers in a unique first-of-its-kind MBA programme in Information Systems and Data Engineering in partnership with the academic experts and senior professionals from Coforge Ltd, a leading global IT solutions organisation.

This work-integrated programme supported by Artificial Intelligence emphasises strong industry-focused domain training and highlights first mover advantage. It presents a unique opportunity not only to tackle the challenges of dynamic corporate India, but to also create a long-lasting career in data, which is one of the fastest growing careers globally.

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Coforge Ltd. is the perfect embodiment of a ‘University of the Future’ and a leader in providing niche higher education and science courses. All aspects of NU, from academia to infrastructure draw upon our four core principles of providing Industry-linked, technology-based, research-driven, seamless education. Partnership with Coforge Ltd. helps NU develop cutting-edge courses in Data Science that can meet the actual requirements of the industry as well as provide guaranteed placements to postgraduates.
We are entering an era of intelligent automation that combines the potential of data-driven technologies and cognitive thinking. This era, of unprecedented capabilities and possibilities, will reach its fullest realisation if there is a skilled workforce with relevant skill sets. Through this two-year MBA programme, NU, together with Coforge Ltd. aim to build a future workforce with advanced data science skills. This programme brings about an evolution at both ends of the value chain – industry and academia with data science to steer the ecosystem towards Industry 4.0.

Centred around sharing and collaboration, we are transitioning to a new era of work, where humans, machines, and artificial intelligence will form powerful new partnerships that we are only beginning to imagine. Jobs and employment trends are constantly evolving and there are professions today that we didn’t even know existed a decade ago.

We are confident that programmes like ours will help bridge the gap between the talent demand and supply in the data field – by providing professionals an environment of continuous learning that equips them with problem-solving, collaboration, design thinking and management skills. We also believe that this programme will accelerate change by enabling the professionals of tomorrow to embark on a journey of new-age learning experiences.

This is a one-of-a-kind programme that provides a master’s degree in the field of Information System and Data Engineering – with a promise to provide employment to the graduates, following the completion of the two-year classroom programme. With Coforge Ltd.’s world-class professors who are dedicated to student success, we are confident that the first batch will set an example for professionals looking to make it a success in the world of data. Our differentiator is our holistic industry-focused programme that is well-aligned with the changing demands of business globally and in India.
According to recent research reports, Data Science is one of the fastest-growing fields in India. Over the past few years, India has become a prominent data capsule, with global firms setting up their data science centres in the country. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, when integrated with Information Systems will help in driving business transformation and disruptions in the industry – becoming the major driving force of Industry 4.0.
The program is available for professionals across India.
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