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The NU difference

From its inception, NIIT University (NU), has eschewed rote, mundane learning in favour of an industry-linked, technology-driven, research-based seamless education. Our mission was very clear – our focus was on creating great careers that match the aspirations and talents of our students. Alongside, we are also focused on the all-round development of our students.
This does not mean, however, that we do not challenge our students. On the contrary. Our academic rigour and our challenging curriculum stand shoulder to shoulder with the best-in-class academic programmes; only, our teaching-learning pedagogies make learning fun, and ensure that our students retain what they learn. Experiential learning reinforces what’s taught inside the classrooms.
quotes NU taught me to strive to learn and grow in every situation; critical thinking, stakeholder management and teamwork; to be creative in dealing with complex problems.” – Shivank P. BTech Cyber Security (Class of 2020)
But a college is made up of more than its classroom and its academics. At NU, sustainability lies at the core of everything that we do – from our green campus to our seamless integration with nature; from our conservation programme to our afforestation drive; from our ties to the community to forging a community of our own.

It is this that makes NU different.

Don’t believe us? Read the stories that celebrates the many ways in which we are different.

Stories from NU

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