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Leapfrogging to success

Sreyash Ratna Tripathi

Sreyash Tripathi

Sreyash Tripathi BTech CSE (Computer Science & Engineering), Class of 2017 credits the technical expertise he gained at NIIT University (NU) for helping him land a role as a Cyber Security Analyst at KPMG.

“NU’s challenging courses like Data Structures, Algorithms, Microcontrollers and Processors, and Java all honed my technical potential,” says Sreyash. It certainly helped him land a six-month Industry Practice with KPMG which later turned into a full-time role.

Sreyash has now been promoted to the position of an Associate Consultant at KMPG. He is in charge of executing cyber security assignments like vulnerability assessments, red team exercises, and investigating cyber incidents.

He believes that more than the technical expertise, it was the soft skills he learned at NU that helped him succeed in his role at KPMG. For him, patience and being proactive were the two most valuable skills he learned at NU.

Having patience helps Sreyash deal with people and situations that are not agreeable and being proactive helps him chase after opportunities that do not readily present themselves.

Sreyash will be attending Carnegie Mellon University in Fall to pursue his MS in Information Systems.
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