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college admission faqs

Yes, NU recognizes CUET scores. You may upload your CUET scorecard to apply for the stream of your choice and also avail attractive scholarships on the basis of the same as per the table given below:

BTech CSE, ECE, AI&DS, CS and BTAverage of best two from PCMB>=80>=90>=85>94
BBA/iMBAAverage of best two from English, General, Test, Math>=80>=90>=85>94
  • Opportunity to secure Admission into the Stream of your Choice at NU on the basis of class 10 scores and a successful Admission interaction process.
  • Opportunity to qualify for limited Merit Based Scholarships under the NU Scholar Search Programme. As an EAD student you will have an early advantage and a better chance to get higher scholarships.
  • Opportunity to secure a financial benefit by confirming your acceptance in EAD. ₹15,000 out of the Acceptance Fee of ₹20,000 gets adjusted against the University Tuition Fee (only for EAD students). In case the student decides not to join NU, ₹15,000 will be refunded (only for EAD students).
  • Opportunity to be stress free, stay ahead of your peers and focus on exceling in your Class 12 examinations since you have already secured College Admission in the stream of your choice.
  • Opportunity to start your Academic journey at NU while still in school through exclusive benefits for EAD applicants like HSW (Head Start Workshop) and LFM (Learn From Masters) series.
  • Opportunity to have assured Academic Continuity through NU’s own Integrated Digital Learning Platform (NUgget) that promotes anytime, anywhere learning ensuring you will not miss a single academic milestone despite the changing external environment.
  • Opportunity to attend Camp Future, a two-day getaway at NU campus as guests, designed to give you along with your parents, a glimpse into NU life. Please take a virtual campus tour with the link here.
  • Opportunity to attend an exclusive 7 Day Head Start Boot Camp (HSBC). This is in addition to NU Resonance – a unique NU Induction Programme.

In case a student has decided not to appear for any government entrance examinations, they must compulsorily undertake the NIIT University Aptitude Test (NUAT), a 50-minute objective-type online test.

Learn more about NUAT here

NU follows a unique admission process, also known as the AIP (Admission Interaction Process), which includes three steps. First, the student appears for the NIIT University Aptitude Test (NUAT). Then, the student and parents interact with faculty members separately (optional).

Learn more about our unique admission process here

NU offers two modes of admission. EAD refers to the Early Admission mode. Under EAD, students apply to their desired programme before appearing for their Class XII board examinations. EAD continues till class XII result declaration date (CBSE board). RAD is the Regular Admission mode. Under RAD, students apply to NU once their Class XII board examination results are declared, which is when the usual admission season commences. A student can apply through either mode, it won’t affect their chances of selection.

By completing the admission earlier through EAD, students get to focus completely on their Class XII board examinations and also for their National Entrance Exam.

Additionally, they also get a chance to attend the Head Start Boot Camp (HSBC) designed by NU, along with Camp Future, an exclusive two day getaway which gives students a glimpse of life at NU. Students can avail other benefits too.

Read more about them here

The security deposit of ₹60,000 is refundable upon the completion of the programme. It will be credited to your account after convocation.

NU offers three types of scholarships, NU Scholar Search Programme, Special Scholarship and the Scholarship for Co-curricular Excellence (CoX), to all students. Eligible students can avail as much as a full waiver on their tuition fees.

Learn more

Learn how you qualify for each here

Scholarships are offered differently for students applying through the EAD mode. The scholarship being offered will be on the basis of the student’s Class X performance with an assumption that the Class XII performance will be equal to Class X performance.

Yes, hostel is mandatory for all students. NU, by design, is a fully residential university. The intent is to create a vibrant 24×7 learning ecosystem. All students, along with most of our faculty, deans and area heads, reside on campus.

This culture leads to a lively and active environment where students can interact with their faculty outside of classrooms. Faculty members are available to clear your doubts, and for extra coaching and mentoring, both professional and personal. Students get a chance to work on research projects with faculty members and go on to publish research papers.

Club activities are undertaken after classes in the evening. Sports which has been made compulsory to ensure NUtons remain fit and active, is conducted early morning with matches in the evening.

All this is not possible if part of the student community leaves the campus soon after classes.

Refund  Policy as announced by the UGC vide D.o. No.F.2-7112022 ICPP dated 12th June 2024 will be applicable.

Only those students who are transferring after one semester or one academic year are allowed admission to NU. Any student transferring later is not eligible. All students applying through this mode must also appear for the Student Personal Interaction with the faculty.

To learn more about the documents needed at the time of admission click here

EAD admissions are open for Academic Year 2024 (AY24)

NU will provide pick up and drop off from/to designated airports, railway stations and specific points in NCR (NIIT House, Sector 32, Gurugram). Parents can stay overnight on campus at a nominal fee, with prior booking. A variety of room categories are available to parents. All meals will be included in the cost.
The students can apply under EAD mode by submitting the application form and appearing in AIP (Admission Interaction Process). Post selection, they get a provisional admission offer from NU in their preferred programme, which gets confirmed post submission of their class XII marksheet.
If you still have questions, you can reach us at 1800 103 5050 (toll free) from Monday to Saturday; 9:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., or email us at admissions@niituniversity.in
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