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Learning Technologies

NUggets of learning

NIIT University (NU) leverages NIIT’s 40-year legacy of providing online, blended and classroom training across the world to offer students the most effective teaching-learning experience using best-in-class technology and tools.

NUgget, our integrated platform, provides students easy access to all required learning resources through a single login. NUgget’s custom technology framework allows a holistic approach to digital teaching and learning by integrating multiple platforms including the industry-standard Learning Management System, video conferencing, assessment management and academic ERP systems. The wide array of digital tools facilitates lecture delivery, discussions, online content repositories, quizzes and assignments, automated tools for attendance, group projects, etc. NU has expanded NUgget to provide students with a full campus experience, including club activities. They can track admissions, and stay up-to-date with their fee payments.
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NU deployed NUgget effectively during the raging Covid pandemic that forced schools to facilitate lectures, etc., remotely. The online lectures were recorded and uploaded immediately on the learning platforms. It ensured that students who might have faced connectivity issues, etc., during the live sessions could access the lessons later.

NUgget also proved to be of immense value during the pandemic, when NU transitioned seamlessly to the hybrid classroom, using multiple video cameras to livestream lectures. When some students attended lectures at campus while others remained at home, NUgget’s hybrid classroom provided remote students with a 360-degree immersive experience of both lectures and practicals and enabled seamless interaction between students and faculty. This pioneering initiative is unique in that both online and in-person students could attend the same lectures at the same time.

All lectures are recorded and automatically made available to students on the NUgget platform. These recordings also prove beneficial to students who seek to revise course content.
quotes While my friends from other universities were grappling with online classes, I was at peace as I could access all the lessons anytime, even after the live sessions.”

— Amey Tiwari, BTech (Class of 2021)
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