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Postgraduate Programmes

Building on a strong foundation

NU’s core principle of providing an industry-linked education is a win-win for both students and industry; it empowers students with training that improves their professional productivity, and bridges skill gaps that challenge the industry. NU’s intensive, full-time MTech and MBA courses integrate educational theory with experiential learning as they connect students with their chosen industry in a strong high stakes, mutually beneficial bond.

NU’s work integrated MTech courses allow professionals to pursue a postgraduate degree while continuing to work in industry by drawing curricular components from the work they are already doing or engage in industry projects as part of course work. This follows from the belief that the workplace generates a continuous learning environment.


Programme specifications


NU’s MTech programmes traverse a gamut of choices to enhance professional development. The two-year programme comprises four semesters, three of which are on campus while the last semester is an off campus internship in industry. The programme comprises 72 credits. Minimum academic requirements and other stipulated conditions must be met before a student can earn an MTech degree.

The programme includes:

  • Common institutional courses
  • Professional core courses
  • Electives
    • Professional electives
    • Open electives
  • R&D project
  • Internship/thesis

iMSc Computer Science

NU’s 4.year Integrated MSc Computer Science programme for students who have not studied Mathematics in class XI and class XII comprises eight semesters and offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary education that offers a firm grounding in computer science with professional electives that run the gamut from Data Science to Bioinformatics.

It includes
  • Professional core courses
  • Professional electives with specialisation
  • R&D Project
  • Industry Practice

Integrated MBA (iMBA)

The 4-year iMBA programme comprises eight semesters and offers comprehensive management education combined with in-depth domain-specific specialisation. The four-year postgraduate degree programme is open to students after Class XII. The programme comprises 180 credits.

It includes:

  • Foundation courses
  • Management core courses
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Practicum
  • Elective courses for specialisation
  • Open electives

Semester-wise categorisation

All of NU’s postgraduate programmes also have industry as end-user support. Industry professionals teach full courses. Synchronous Learning Technology is used where applicable to deliver the programme. End-user support also includes financial support by industry for students sponsored by them. All postgraduate students must meet minimum academic requirements for their specific stream and other stipulated university conditions to be awarded a postgraduate degree.

Two-year MTech

Four institutional core courses are common across all streams of the MTech programme. These courses, taken during the first two semesters, aim to develop research insights, enhance communication skills, and improve professional productivity through advanced technology tools.

Professional core and customisable elective courses are spread across the first three semesters. All postgraduate students also get to work on a distinctive R&D project.

The final semester is dedicated to experiential learning through a six-month-long internship working on a live project in industry. Alternatively, students can also opt to present a research-based thesis.

Integrated MSc Computer Science (iMSc CS)

The iMSc CS programme will give almost equal weightage to lectures (47%) and practicals (49%). Tutorials are given 4% weightage.

All students will take Remedial Maths courses in the first two semesters. The course includes mathematics topics that are relevant to computer science.

The first five semesters comprise core courses and Humanities and Social Sciences courses. Students will specialise through their professional electives and open electives during the sixth and seventh semesters. They will also work on their R&D project and Capstone project during these semesters.

The final semester is dedicated to a six-month long Industry Practice/Project to give students an opportunity to gain industry experience before they graduate.

Integrated MBA (iMBA)

NU’s iMBA programme includes analytical and functional courses from diverse areas such as Mathematics, Statistics, Business Ethics and Business Law as well as courses from Psychology, Sociology and Economics to promote an understanding of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The first five semesters comprise foundation, management core and humanities and social sciences courses. The first semester also includes an additional practicum course on contemporary business issues.

Students take their specialisation courses through elective courses and open electives in the sixth and seventh semesters. They can take open electives from any other programme or area of their choice.

The eighth and final semester focuses on practicum or experiential learning through a six-month Industry Practice.

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