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PhD in Educational Technology

At NIIT (NU), PhD scholars in Educational Technology (ET) are engaged in the interdisciplinary research that covers a wide range of subject areas in design, implementation and assessment of educational media & technological initiatives.

This multidisciplinary research methodology has led to the creation of unique learning design models with a process-centric approach towards learning. Students are encouraged to pursue a hybrid research model, which is highly customised and specific to existing challenges in the educational technology space. The result is that our PhD scholars are able to spot new problems and with their new research findings, offer rich insights into solutions.

NU’s PhD programme in ET encourages analytical thinking, critical analysis and innovative problem-solving skills through research, documentation, implementation and evaluation.

Areas of research

  • Value-creating Experiential Learning
  • Brain-aligned Realistic Project-Based Learning
  • Connectomnal Instructional Organisation
  • Convergence technologies as information delivery systems for Complex Instructional Designs
  • Learning and Employability Futures
  • Learning Engineering Principles and Practices
  • Business Process – Teaching Learning Process Integration

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