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Sports and Gym

A healthy mind in a healthy body

At NIIT University (NU), we believe in a sound mind in a sound body. We not only nourish students’ intellectual development but also their fitness and physical health. Our sports fields provide ample opportunities to grab a recreational game of cricket or football while the hostel areas are dotted with courts for tennis, badminton and basketball. We even have a resident sports instructor to guide students in their recreational activities.

Outdoor sports


All work and no play result in the death of creativity and imagination. At NU, we offer more than enough options to play/enjoy games and sports. Space is no constraint. Our 100-acre campus has more than enough space for students to engage in football, basketball, cricket, kabaddi, tennis and volleyball. Whether it’s a sunny day or a cold one, there is never an excuse for not playing.


We encourage students at NU to participate in inter-college / university and other regional competitions; we firmly believe that this hones student initiative and teamwork. Inter House and Inter-batch competitions  allow students to play their favourite sports in a more comfortable (though not less competitive) environment. Students can strive to win honours for their batch or house. Students also organise Premier Leagues in selected sports.

Indoor sports

A focused game of chess, an uproarious battle at the carrom board, cueing on the pool table or a rattling game of table tennis, our indoor sports area is usually buzzing with all these and more. Our well-equipped gymnasiums provide students the opportunity to be at the peak of their physical fitness.

Adventure sports

Want adventure? At NU, you can join NU Sahas where you will find your tribe of adventure sports enthusiasts. Our strategically designed campus and the lush surroundings also allow NUtons to arouse their adventurous spirit. Owing to its proximity to the Aravali Range, NU is famous for adventure sports which include valley crossing, zip-lining, trekking and overnight camping. NU Sahas also organises annual Adventure Camps at off-campus locations.

Other facilities

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Academic facilities

State-of-the-art labs act as incubators for curious minds

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Our well-equipped library is your window to the world of knowledge

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IT facilities

Advanced technological facilities for a seamless learning experience

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Well-furnished rooms cooled by our 'green air-conditioning'

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Healthy, delicious, nourishing food for meals. 24*7 snacks and tea

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In-house doctors and prompt emergency services

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Professional support for any academic or personal challenges

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