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Propelling change through innovation

Imagine how you can connect a germ of an idea with your classroom learning and develop it into a full-fledged concept in a hands-on project under faculty mentorship? At NIIT University (NU), we are here to provide you the training and the facilities you need to do just that.

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Here, at the university, research spans multiple disciplines, labs and innovation centres. From undergraduate students to research scholars and faculty, everyone is given the opportunity to actively pursue the development of solutions to meet society and industry’s most pressing challenges.

NU prides itself on being a research university. In keeping with its core principles of being industry-linked, technology-based, research-driven, and seamless, the emphasis is on experiential learning from the first year onwards. Our culture of research and our well-equipped laboratories keep students actively engaged in a variety of research projects across multiple disciplines.

Undergraduate projects

Undergraduate research at NU helps students to develop the skills they need for graduate school or to enter the workforce because the research opportunities they are given help them nurture their intellectual curiosity and develop self-confidence. By having the freedom to ask questions and to dig deeper to find the answers, students learn the critical art of problem-solving.
Undergraduate Projects

Research projects

NU’s faculty is engaged in developing innovative solutions for the world’s most daunting challenges. Their multidisciplinary research involves working with technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, IoT, Cyber Security, Bioinformatics, Wireless Broadband Networking and other allied areas.

Industry projects

NU believes in a strong linkage between academia and industry so that students can develop as problem-solvers who can apply their academic learning to real-life challenges relevant to society and industry.
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