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Campus Safety

As safe as home

Living on campus is, for most students, their first step towards living independently. NIIT University (NU) is focused on taking proactive steps toward making this experience as stress-free as possible for incoming students and their parents and guardians. NU’s well laid out facilities, policies and codes of conduct provide a safe home to students away from home.

NU is a fully secure campus with a single point of entry, monitored through strategically deployed CCTVs and guards. Entry and exit from the campus are regulated through the main gate based on due and prior permissions. Parents are notified through SMS on their registered mobile phones every time a student leaves or enters the campus.

Every hostel also has a single entry point manned by guards. The Girls Hostel has dedicated lady guards and a resident lady warden. NU functionaries including hostel wardens stay in the immediate vicinity of the hostel and add to the comfort and safety of the students. A 24×7 operational health centre with at least one doctor, paramedics and a standby vehicle is available on the campus


Student code of conduct

NU is a community of scholars. NU’s student code of conduct lays down the precepts of living and behaving responsibly as part of NU community. The code is detailed in the form of ‘Student Handbook’, which covers all aspects comprehensively. One of NU’s foundational principles is its emphasis on students’ all-round development. As such, it holds students accountable for their actions and offers avenues of reparation for those impacted by the same. Students joining NU are notified of NU’s disciplinary policy during the admission process.

Anti-ragging policy

NU welcomes students from all over the country, from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We are committed to maintaining a working and learning culture that is inclusive, equitable and respectful. Bullying in any form is antithetical to NU’s core principles. NU follows the policy of ‘No Tolerance’ on ragging in any form.

Grievance redressal

NU strives to provide a safe and fair work environment to its academic and non-academic staff. We are committed to working in good faith to address the issues as quickly as possible. NU has a five stage ‘Mentoring Process’ to ensure that students get adequate opportunity for expeditious resolution of their problems:

  • Stage 1: Respective hostel wardens and Chief Warden
  • Stage 2: Faculty mentor (nominated by name for each student)
  • Stage 3: ‘Mitra Dwar’, the Student Support Centre, headed by a senior faculty member
  • Stage 4: Dean Student Affairs
  • Stage 5: External Counsellor for students requiring specific psychological support

Policy against sexual harassment

NU is committed to providing a safe campus environment. We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment, and any crime to that effect will be strictly dealt with.

NU has constituted an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to deal with any instance of sexual harassment that any member of the university, including students, academic and non-academic staff, might face.

Covid-19 protocol

Covid-19 still looms as a threat to citizens everywhere. It is of utmost importance that we are prepared for any emergency that may arise due to this. To minimise the threat of Covid-19, NU has undertaken a comprehensive set of measures to keep our students and staff members safe.
We have also formulated appropriate guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the safety of returning students and staff members, and to minimise any possible risk of infection.

Covid-19 guidelines and measures

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