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IT Facilities

The learning accelerator

In this digitally-connected world where academic communities integrate multiple devices into their teaching and learning processes, technology infrastructure is critical to the way people teach, learn and even communicate. At NIIT University (NU), maintaining a robust technological infrastructure is more than a necessity; it is key to our core principle of technology-based education.
NU’s wide array of digital tools, technologies and practices have changed the way students consume and disseminate classroom learning. It has encouraged students to become self-reliant learners, equipped to seek the information they need. This foray into ‘research and discovery’ mode of learning is also key to NU’s vision of creating an interactive, collaborative and personalised learning environment for its students. Studies have shown that this interactivity enhances lesson recall, increases understanding of the subject matter, and encourages problem-solving skills.
NU’s IT infrastructure includes:
  • Wi-Fi coverage across the entire campus, including hostel rooms
  • All local area networks (LAN) connected through Gigabit ethernet. Fibre backbone connects all buildings
  • Automated, paperless check-in and check-out from campus
  • Five Windows-based laboratories
  • 300+ computers
  • One Dual Boot lab
  • One Cyber Security lab
  • Specialised GIS lab (for MTech GIS), fully equipped GIS software
  • Engineering Drawing lab with AutoCad licenses
  • Dual IP cameras in all classrooms to allow hybrid classes
  • Customised state-of-the-art, cloud-based Learning Management System and Assessment Management System
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Apart from the above, all students and faculty members are provided with a privileged GSuite account, with all the necessary services needed for a campus wide network. Students have 24/7 online access to faculty. A fully functional audio/video studio on campus allows faculty to record lectures.


NUgget, NU’s advanced teaching learning platform, provides students and teachers easy access to all requisite learning resources through a single log-in. The integrated platform includes an in-built industry-standard Learning Management System, video conferencing, assessment management and an academic ERP system. The wide array of digital tools facilitates lecture delivery, discussions, online content repositories, quizzes and assignments, automated tools for attendance, group projects, etc. NU even expanded NUgget to provide students with a full campus experience, including club activities. They can track admissions, and stay up to date with their fee payments.

Advanced academic ERP

NU’s advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system ensures that students, parents, faculty members and management teams can easily access and manage crucial functions and features. The system, also accessed through a single log in, processes complete student data from admissions to graduation.

Students and parents

Online admission

  • Application submission
  • Online fees payment
  • Interview appointment
  • Final selection

Online registration

  • Defines courses in each semester
  • Allocated faculty
  • Student registration in courses each semester
Timetable management
  • Generate timetable based on
    • Defined course allocation
    • Faculty availability
    • Room availability
  • Modify timetable manually


  • Pay fees online using any mode like credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, Wallet, etc.
  • Manages scholarships, Annual payment modes, penalties, etc.



  • Automated attendance capture for online classes from Zoom Log.
  • QR code and mobile app based attendance capture for face-to-face classes


  • Define course evaluation structure
  • Grade each test/assignment/quiz/exam
  • Calculate final grades as per defined weightage
  • Final mark sheets and CGPA calculated by system

General functionality

Hostel management

  • Book rooms online
  • Hostel wardens track room availability online

Library management

  • Book issue and return info maintained online
  • Centrally process late fees and penalties

Online access to degree and transcripts

  • Easy verification by potential employers
  • Easy access for higher education institutes

Other facilities

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Academic facilities

State-of-the-art labs act as incubators for curious minds

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Our well-equipped library is your window to the world of knowledge

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Well-furnished rooms cooled by our 'green air-conditioning'.

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Sports and gym

Sports and gym facilities help active bodies fuel active minds.

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Healthy, delicious, nourishing food for meals. 24*7 snacks and tea

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In-house doctors and prompt emergency services

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Professional support for any academic or personal challenges

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