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NIIT University (NU) draws students from across the country. We look for students who have intellectual curiosity, the passion to learn, and the drive to succeed. We encourage applications from students who wish to avail of a holistic education that is technology-based, research-driven, and industry-linked, and will provide them with a seamless transition to a professional career.

At NU we offer two modes of admission for all students applying for any of the undergraduate programmes:

  • Early Admission Mode (EAD)
  • Regular Admission Mode (RAD)
NU also offers Lateral Admission to all students transferring from a different university.

Early Admission Mode


Early admission is for those students who have already decided upon NU as their preferred choice of undergraduate education. It is ideal for those students who have experience dealing with a challenging curriculum and who know beforehand what programme they wish to take.

NU’s Early Admission Mode (EAD) allows those students preparing for their Class XII board examinations in 2024 as also those who have taken their Class XII Board examination not earlier than March 2022, to apply to their desired programmes beforehand.


EAD enables students to submit their applications early. If admitted, these students can be sure of their choice of programme. EAD also provides an opportunity for an in-depth interaction between applicants and NU.


EAD is particularly suitable for students who are certain about pursuing engineering/management studies or/and multidisciplinary curriculum leading to a post-graduate research career.

It is also the perfect option for those who want to set up their own startup ventures after graduation. However, there are limited seats granted through this mode and admission is granted on first come first served basis to all those who meet the admission criteria.
A student enrolled

A student enrolled through EAD gets a chance to

Attend ‘Camp Future’, a two-day getaway designed to give a glimpse of life at NU
Attend exclusive Head Start Boot Camp (HSBC) and workshop in New Age areas
Exclusive access to the ‘Learn from Master(LFM)’ lecture series as well as the ‘Head Start Workshop (HSW)’ which is designed using project-based learning and provides academic benefits.

Students admitted under EAD are eligible for ‘Merit based Scholarships’ under the Scholar Search Programme.

The Acceptance fee under EAD is adjustable against the refundable Security Deposit payable at the time of Enrolment.

Note* – Applications for EAD 2024 are now open.

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Regular Admission Mode

Regular Admission Mode (RAD) is the typical option for most students seeking admission to NU’s prestigious undergraduate programmes. Students applying through RAD may do so after they have completed their Class XII examinations. Students who have completed their Class XII boards in 2022 or 2023, or those who are appearing for their board examinations in 2024 are eligible to apply through RAD.

Students applying through this mode are also eligible to seek scholarships under the NU Scholar Search Programme. Admission will be granted on a first come first served basis to only those applicants who meet admission criteria.

Lateral admission

NU welcomes students who seek to transfer from a different university. Transfer applicants may apply to NU if they have completed either the first semester of the first year, or one academic year at their previous university, and not later.

Students seeking a lateral transfer must submit the following documents:

  • Mark sheets and/or grade sheets of the first semester or the first academic year (two semesters) as applicable
  • A copy of syllabus certified by college/university
  • Reason for seeking lateral transfer
  • Course application form via online or offline mode
If the applicant is found eligible*, they must participate in the Student Personal Interaction (SPI) with the faculty.

Note: *There is no automatic waiver of credits previously accumulated by the applicant. A final credit waiver will be arrived at after examining the commonality in course content of NU and the applicant’s institution.

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