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Career Development Council

Career counsel

At NIIT University (NU), our goal is to encourage students to lead enriching lives and inspire them to turn their talents and passion into fulfilling careers.

Students learn best when they understand the importance of what they are learning and its relevance to the real world. We believe that when NUtons leave college after their undergraduate or graduate studies, they must be job-ready in every way possible. We believe that choosing a career should be an informed decision. And it is our endeavour to give students the tools they need to make that choice.
This is where the NU Career Development Council (CDC) comes in.

Besides finding career opportunities for students, the CDC undertakes a variety of career development activities to help bridge competency gaps. It conducts workshops on interview skills and resume building, holds mock interviews and group discussions, and also offers guidance on placements and mentoring by faculty and practising managers from industry.

In addition, the CDC arranges special sessions for students to acquire specific functional skills and knowledge apart from focusing on their personality development.
quotes NIIT University students are not just academically sound, but have great attributes such as teamwork, communications skills, etc.” — Industry partner
Most importantly, we ensure that our students find the right job fit in terms of their career goals and inclinations.
For information and queries related to career development, you can contact the following persons, or send an email to NU-CDC@niituniversity.in

Harini Madhusudhan

Faculty Mentor

Ratnaraja Singh

Faculty Mentor

Career Development Council student members

The CDC is aided by student members, who work closely with the Centre for Industry Collaboration (CIC) on training and placement activities.

They help forge new collaborations with corporations for recruitment and non-recruitment related activities. This includes actively engaging with companies on a regular basis, handling the logistics during placement week, and facilitating interactions between industry leaders and students through talks and live corporate projects

Our student members, listed below:
Student member Stream Class
1 Monit Singh BTech 2021
2 Himaanshi Sharma BTech 2021
3 Heshica Vanapalli BTech 2021
4 Yash Rustagi BTech 2022
5 Chetana More iMBA 2021
6 Sanjay Saini iMBA 2021
7 Zaara Ahmed BTech 2023
8 Khushi Aggarwal BTech 2022
9 Ashish Chintawar iMBA 2021
10 Nisha Shah iMBA 2021
11 Ishika Sahu BTech 2022
12 Gautam Sharma BTech 2022
13 Amy Sony BTech 2023
14 Tanvi Yadav BTech 2023
15 Suryansh Khare iMBA 2021
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