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Internships & Industry Practice

Hands-on learning

Aware of the skill gaps faced by industry while hiring freshly-minted professionals, NU’s founders decided from the outset to align our education to the needs of industry and to enable our students to translate their knowledge into practical applications in the workplace. They did so by making practical training a critical part of the coursework at NU in the form of classroom projects, summer internships and our flagship six-month Industry Practice. Our BTech programmes, in fact, give 35% weightage to practical learning opportunities.

Summer internships are the students’ first formal exposure to a professional workplace. They typically extend for two to three months. During this time, NUtons work closely with professionals in their chosen domains.

Summer internships help students to test professional waters by working in an industry aligned with their envisaged career goals besides enabling them to acquire functional knowledge and an understanding of workplace etiquette and culture.

Our flagship Industry Practice, which comprises 20 of the 178 credits required for the undergraduate course, gives students a chance to work in an industry in their eighth and final semester. It leverages NU’s deep and enduring partnerships with over 700 industry partners.

Industry Practice projects are generally multidisciplinary in nature and comprise pre-defined real-time problems identified by the industry partner. After a brief orientation, students are encouraged to work independently. They are mentored by a resident faculty mentor, an off-campus faculty mentor and an industry professional for the entire duration of the Industry Practice.

Students can also do a self-run Industry Practice on a startup idea of their own or take up a research-based Industry Practice with one of our international research partners.

NU’s Centre for Industrial Collaboration (CIC) invites leading companies to participate in the university’s summer internship and Industry Practice programmes and ensures that the students find the right fit to match their chosen career path.

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