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NU Identity

Infinite. Eternal. Endless

Our motto, Anadi-Anant, has its roots in Indian philosophical thought. Our emblem, the Mobius Ring, symbolises unity, infinity and individuality. Together, they reflect NU’s promise of free-flowing, flexible and limitless learning.
Standing proudly erect on a hillock in the NIIT University (NU) campus is the stunning sculpture of the Mobius Ring. This is our emblem, the visual depiction of the idea of eternity and infinity. A graceful, seamless structure, it has neither beginning nor end. Yet, it gives an impression of continual motion. That symbolism is core to our belief in the infinite possibilities of the young minds that we seek to nurture.

Fundamental to the field of mathematical topology, the Mobius Ring also finds relevance in Physics and Chemistry, and has applications in manufacturing and electronics as well as the arts. This seamless multiplicity, openness and inclusiveness of the Mobius Ring is at the core of our design and approach to education at NU. It also represents our guiding principle of sustainability, of the circularity of bio-geochemical cycles, and of the integration of economic development with environmental and human well-being.

The sculpture of the Mobius Ring is inscribed with our motto, ‘Anadi-Anant’ – based on the ancient Indian concept that the Universe has neither beginning nor end. The genesis of our motto can be traced back to 2008, when our founder, Rajendra Singh Pawar, requested the distinguished scholar, politician and diplomat, Dr Karan Singh, to become the first chancellor of our university. Though already the Chancellor of another university, he accepted yet another responsibility because of the vision embedded in NU’s four core principles. Seamless education, the last principle, especially struck a chord with Dr Karan Singh. He not only accepted the chancellorship, but also came up with our motto, Anadi-Anant. It symbolises the seamlessness of the knowledge that NU imparts to students, one that will form the foundation of their multi-faceted careers, each endless in its potential.

The Mobius Ring sculpture and our motto serve as a beacon that guides all our actions at NU. Their seamlessness and inclusiveness are the litmus test of all that we do and create.
Anadi-Anant Without beginning, without end. Just like learning and education.
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