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Where the mind is without fear

At NIIT University (NU), we believe that students’ mental health is just as crucial as their physical wellbeing. As students leave the comfort of their homes to enter a new phase in their lives, they are bound to face certain challenges. Carefree school days seem very far away, as students face tougher, more challenging goals.

Sometimes, these seemingly insurmountable challenges – and the stress they bring in their wake – require the intervention of professionals, trained to guide students through difficult times. To make our students’ journey comfortable and stress-free, we have set up a dedicated counselling service and Student Support Center called ‘Mitradwar’.

A professional counsellor is available in Mitradwar Monday through Friday for fixed hours and guides students to find solutions to their issues. The services of a professional counsellor are also provided to students with specific counselling requirements. Mitradwar also helps students seek advice from faculty members when required.

Other facilities

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Academic facilities

State-of-the-art labs act as incubators for curious minds

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Our well-equipped library is your window to the world of knowledge

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IT facilities

Advanced technological facilities for a seamless learning experience

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Well-furnished rooms cooled by our 'green air-conditioning'

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Sports and gym

Our sports and gym facilities help active bodies fuel active minds.

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Healthy, delicious, nourishing food for meals. 24*7 snacks and tea

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In-house doctors and prompt emergency services

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