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Community Connect

Towards a greater cause

One of NIIT University’s (NU) core principles is seamless education. And NU’s ethos is focused on keeping students connected to their Indian roots. So, the combination of these features was an inevitable part of the NU’s stated objective of preparing ‘well-rounded’ students.

Translating this idea into reality is NU’s Community Connect, an audit course for every student in every semester. Through its unique ‘Each one, teach one’ concept, NU is seeding sensitivity towards the underprivileged, and humanitarian attitudes in its students. The initiative enables NUtons to recognise the challenges of facilitating education at grass-root levels.

By including it as a part of a graded curriculum structure, NU motivates students to enthusiastically participate in improving the academic standards of India’s rural students.

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Community Connect entails each NU student teaching a student from the rural schools in the vicinity.

The course focuses primarily on:
  • Getting a closer perspective of India’s rural/semi-rural education system
  • Inculcating teaching skills while also imbibing qualities such as patience, empathy, sensitivity and curiosity
  • Appreciating the real-life societal conditions, especially of rural communities
  • Integrating mentoring skills into the learning process to become a good researcher
  • Sensitising the teachers, principals and community members to the use of science and technology in education
Students and faculty members frequently visit villages and encourage families to allow their young children to acquire basic school education. They also conduct adult literacy drives to improve literacy levels in the villages. Symposiums are organised to apprise school teachers from rural schools of the latest teaching-learning techniques.

NU also conducts two large community events – Rath Mahotsav and Van Mahotsav, in which local villages are invited for lunch with the students.

Student participation in this activity-oriented course (AOC) is a mark of their dedication to humanitarian causes. They are evaluated based on their participation and the dedication they show while performing community activities.

Community Connect also involves faculty participation. Apart from helping students teach underprivileged children, faculty members regularly visit local secondary schools to impart the university’s best teaching-learning practices so that teaching at secondary school level can be improved. They introduce students and teachers to ICT techniques of teaching and learning, and conduct workshops on latest technologies including robotics, cyber security and computer programming.

NU has a larger vision for Community Connect in the future. We aim to adopt a village, conduct research into native practices of agriculture, medicine, social customs, etc, and work with the community to solve real time issues.
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