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Share a meal, build a community

At NIIT University (NU), we believe that a well-nourished body aids the development of a well-nourished mind. And a healthy body needs healthy, nourishing, and delicious food. We provide three spacious and airy dining halls where we serve breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dinner.

And because we believe that sharing meals is a part of building strong community bonds, our students and faculty dine together, eating their meals in a convivial atmosphere. This allows our students to interact informally with their professors. Parents and other invited guests dine in the same space and enjoy the same food. 

The dining halls serve primarily vegetarian food, with eggs served on certain days. A Mess Committee comprising students and a few faculty members decides the multi-cuisine menus. Non-vegetarian meals are provided at a nominal additional cost.

The campus also includes a cafeteria, a Nestle Counter and a tuck shop. A unique students’ venture known as Tera Mera Point (TMP) is a night café which serves our resident night-owls.

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Other facilities

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Academic facilities

State-of-the-art labs act as incubators for curious minds

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Our well-equipped library is your window to the world of knowledge

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IT facilities

Advanced technological facilities for a seamless learning experience

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Well-furnished rooms cooled by our 'green air-conditioning'

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Sports and gym

Our sports and gym facilities help active bodies fuel active minds.

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In-house doctors and prompt emergency services

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Professional support for any academic or personal challenges

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