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Teaching-Learning Innovations

Transforming the learning process

NIIT University (NU) believes that at a time when tectonic shifts are taking place in societal and economic structures, the time for pure textbook learning has passed. University curricula must keep pace with changing times, especially as students are no longer passive consumers of rote learning. The old ‘give-take’ mode of teaching and learning cannot address the challenges of a modern, disruptive knowledge economy. Therefore, rather than choosing a ‘one size fits all’ teaching approach, NU has adopted the ‘research and discovery’ method that focuses on the learner generating new information, and training them to interpret, evaluate, and decide on a suitable solution.
The reasoning behind this is simple. NU’s overarching belief is that:
  • Each brain is unique, and so is each learner
  • Each learner has a different learning style
  • Learning is team activity
  • Learning takes place best when a learner is given a real problem to solve in a self-directed manner
  • Learning is effective when the end user is integral to the learning process
Accordingly, the university developed several innovative teaching learning methods that focus on understanding how learning takes place. It takes cognisance of what to teach, and how; guides teaching processes and transforms learning. These include cross-disciplinary curricular innovations such as integrating the Arts and Humanities with Maths and Science concepts to promote the holistic development of a student’s personality, pedagogical initiatives that emphasise real-world learning over book learning, and the use of learning technologies to deliver a complete interactive classroom experience.
The benefits of these teaching-learning innovations go beyond academic learning. Because what students want to learn and how they want to learn it gets a due place in the curriculum, it places the student front and centre. Students understand the relevance of what they learn. They hone their skills at problem-solving and learn to work as a team. All this helps them place a specific career objective in front and build their learning in an ‘additive’ manner.

Developed in-house by NU’s academic team, these teaching-learning innovations are grounded in the university’s core principle of delivering a seamless education.
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