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Mentoring from day one

Education at NIIT University (NU) offers limitless possibilities. Our students are free both to set their own curriculum as well as to define and chase their own dreams. This includes pursuing the path of higher education. While the Centre for Industry Collaboration (CIC) and Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) steps in to help students seek placement or who need help establishing their startup ventures, students who pursue advanced degrees are also well supported.
NU faculty mentors or ‘NUrturers’, as they are called, are committed to mentoring and guiding students in the best possible manner. Whether it is for admissions to the bastions of higher learning in India, or to prestigious foreign universities or research centres, our NUrturers are always available to lend a helping hand through the application process.

We begin early. From the time a student takes the ‘Design My Future’ workshop as a fresher, faculty members keep an eye out for students who express an interest in studying further.

Students who express an interest in continuing research are guided to undertake research-oriented projects as part of their course work from their first year onwards. Faculty-guided R&D projects provide them with the differentiator needed for higher studies abroad, including for an MS or MTech programme. Students that wish to pursue an MBA are empowered to take up suitable Capstone projects in marketing or finance.

Guidance counselling

Undergraduate students are also mentored in the art of taking prestigious competitive examinations such as GATE, which is required for admission into MTech programmes at prestigious Indian institutions; CSIR-UGC NET, Department of Biotechnology-Junior Research Fellowship (DBT-JRF), and Indian Council of Medical Research Junior Research Fellowship (ICMR-JRF) examinations, which are required for admissions into PhD programmes at leading Indian universities and laboratories. Guidance is also provided to students taking GRE, IELTS and TOEFL examinations preparatory to applying to foreign universities.

Faculty members are committed to providing the requisite letters of recommendation required to complete graduate or doctoral programme applications abroad.

NU’s Academic Office also ensures the timely submission of transcripts and other documents related to the curriculum, grading and assessment as required for applications to colleges abroad.
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