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Mehak Bhatia makes her mark with industry giants

Mehak Bhatiya

Mehak Bhatia

NU alumnus Mehak Bhatia sets out on an adventure to NY and makes her mark with industry giants

“As a child, I wanted to be a pirate and dreamt of becoming an explorer and discoverer of the new worlds. It was pretty disappointing once I grew up and learnt that mostly everything that could be discovered, already had been,” reveals NU alumnus Mehak Bhatia as she starts us off on her adventure.

Early on, she decided that the adventurer in her would keep discovering new things by herself. She did that by immersing in the world of new technologies and business trends, first at NU, then in New York, and her career with the industry’s big guns

Daughter of a high school Principal, she pursued BTech CSE in 2018 and grew up in an environment where academics were a top priority. At NU, Mehak found the perfect platform to realize her ambitions.

“My program was a sophisticated mix of theory and practice. The curriculum covered fascinating subjects like Computer networks, Computer programming, Data mining and compression, Signal processing, and Microprocessors. I could build competencies in these areas thanks to the guidance I received from industry-leading professionals,” she adds.

Thus, a strong foundation of hardware and software acumen was built. Now it was a matter of getting valuable industry exposure. Mehak credits the team at NU that helped her land a position with a tier one company like PwC. She started her three-year stint as a trainee and left as a Consultant.

“They were three enriching years in core Information Security that helped me develop expertise in Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing along with Cloud and Network Security. Professional certifications reinforced my credentials and gave me a deeper understanding of multiple threat landscapes,” she states.

But that wasn’t enough for the only child raised by ambitious parents, who wanted her to be self-sufficient. To round off her learning curve, Mehak decided to do her Master’s from the State University of New York. She calls it the most difficult but exhilarating decision of her life.

“I did my MS in Management Information Systems and joined Amazon as a Security Engineer for PrimeAir. My family, friends, and NU have helped me accomplish some of my goals but my quest for discovering new things has still not ended,” she concludes with a promise of greater laurels in her journey ahead.
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