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How NU prepares students for some of the robust careers of tomorrow

Shivank P regards all his time at NU as an amazing life experience, even if much of it was demanding. “The rigour, the workload, the deadlines, all of them shaped me into the professional that I am today,” he says. He also fondly remembers his activities as a core team member organizing ingeNUity, running the night canteen, organising blood donation camps, and as a member of the Student Advisory Committee. “They went a long way in broadening my skills set, network, and confidence,” says Shivank, who went on to a very satisfying professional career in Cyber Security.
quotesNU wasn’t all work and no play, though. My best memories of campus life are of spending time with friends in the bowl area, at the night canteen, and the Spine. These social interactions created bonds that still persist long after I left campus.”
Shivank’s time at NU marked the key turning point in his professional career. As part of Industry Practice, Shivank interned for six months at Ernst & Young (India) in the Risk Advisory practice. That experience was invaluable in shaping his career.

Cybersecurity consulting is an exciting and growing field, which is seeing much traction from industry. “I’m happy to say that I am currently working with the same team, offering cybersecurity expertise to clients. I am part of two GRC tracks – Audit & Compliance and Vulnerability Management – for a telecom giant,” says Shivank, whose feet are firmly set on an upward trajectory.

With his limited internship and professional work experience in industry, Shivank realised that there were a few critical factors for success that NU enables in all its students. “Over and above my classes, Industry Practice, internships,” he says, “NU taught me to strive to learn and grow in every situation; critical thinking, stakeholder management and teamwork; to be creative in dealing with complex problems. “

NU’s streamlined curriculum is a key enabler for this; it includes choice of specialisations in the third year, hands-on experience, options for a Minor, and an entire semester dedicated to internship. The curriculum and pedagogy allow students to explore their interests and find their true calling.

Today, Shivank remains connected with NU through news, email, and social media posts. “It feels great,” he says. “I am both proud and thrilled to see NU and its students grow, expand, and thrive.”
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