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NU Embraces Holistic Learning

For Kannan, a BTech ECE student from Chennai, his camera was his best friend. Rarely to be seen inside the classrooms, Kannan was always viewing the campus through his lens.

Kannan’s father, who had given him the camera as a gift, was concerned that Kannan’s passion for photography might hinder him from performing to his full academic potential.

Kannan wasn’t the only student who was passionately pursuing his hobby on campus. Many students were doing theatre, dance, music, painting, and sports outside classroom hours. They spent hours preparing high quality performances for inter-university competitions, and their efforts brought many laurels to the university.

The professors at NU were quick to notice that students who engaged in extracurricular activities were thriving academically in classrooms as well. The hobbies our students were pursuing helped them hone teamwork, leadership, time management skills, and much more.

Instead of distracting them from academics, these extracurricular activities were helping them unleash their creativity and fuelling their career growth. NU was founded on the principle that a seamless learning environment was needed for a well-rounded education.

So, the university acted quickly to launch Activity-Oriented Courses at NU. Under Humanities and Social Science electives, students can now enrol in courses such as theatre, music, dance, photography, yoga, sports, etc., and what’s more earn academic credits.

Students like Kannan are earning credits for pursuing their hobbies – an innovation unique to NU!
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