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“NU has a very supportive and encouraging environment.”

When Himanshu Bisht, MBA ISDE, arrived at the NIIT University (NU) campus, he was struck by its openness. “When you live in a jail-like campus where you’re not allowed to pass the campus main gate, you are amazed at how open the campus is,” he says. The openness is not limited to the topography. Himanshu was amazed at how NU faculty asked open-ended questions, forcing him to delve deep to find solutions. The brainstorming sessions in class helped him solidify his thought and connected him to his classmates in a way that a traditional classroom environment wouldn’t.

Himanshu is also impressed by NU’s faculty, who are drawn from the finest minds in the industry. Since both academic and industry experience are a must in the field of Computer Science, he is immensely glad that most faculty are doctorate degree holders – he feels that their guidance gives students immense exposure to doing research that meets industry standards – “We gain years of experience in a few months of interaction with our professors.”

NU’s flagship Industry Practice is also a huge advantage as Himanshu discovered. “Coforge gives us immense exposure to industry practices,” he says, excitedly. “Since they work with Fortune 500 companies in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we learnt how large and complex projects are planned and executed in the industry.” Industry Practice taught Himanshu what industry certifications are required what regulatory requirements like data privacy, etc., are.

Himanshu was also very appreciative of the fact that NU frequently invites eminent visitors and industry professionals to share their experiences with the students. “These lectures and workshops give us ample opportunities to interact with thought leaders face to face, which is impossible otherwise,” he says.

But it is not only about academics. “NU has shaped my personality in multiple ways,” admits Himanshu. “Apart from the classes, NU provides ample opportunity to take part in group activities; the various cultural competitions in dance, music, poetry, debate as well gaming and quiz competitions all help to give us valuable experience in how to work as a group to achieve a common goal. It also helps hone our organisational and leadership skills since most of the events are planned and managed by the students.”

Besides, the NU campus allows students to relax. Surrounded on three sides by the Aravali Hills, NU’s consistent environmental initiatives have changed the face of the region. Himanshu is awestruck by NU’s determined efforts to construct check dams, protect native plant and tree species, and to ‘green’ the slopes of the adjoining Aravali range by planting over 1.5 lakh trees. The campus also recycles wastewater to be used in horticulture.

Himanshu is also appreciative of the fact that the buildings on campus are aligned with traditional Rajasthani architecture and that the academic buildings and hostels are all cooled with NU’s unique earth air tunnels. “This decreases the amount of electricity drawn from the grid, saves precious water and provides a local healthy ecosystem for the animals and birds,” he says.

But it is always the people who make a place better. And NU is full of talented students from all over India. Himanshu is thrilled at the chance to learn about the different cultures and traditions, and to appreciate the beauty of various languages. And finally, it’s about food. “I now know the names of various dishes and why these dishes are dominant in their region,” laughs Himanshu as he prepares to enjoy everything that NU has to offer.