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Bringing nature one step closer

Bringing nature one step closer
quotes NIIT University’s (NU) orientation has been specifically designed to bring man closer to nature,” – Air Cmde Kamal Singh, Advisor, Infra-Services at NU

NU strongly believes that students who learn to appreciate the beauty of nature become better learners. Studies vindicate that belief and the university’s architectural plan reflects it.

NU’s academic buildings are designed in a saw-tooth shape, so that no matter which building one goes into, one gets an unobstructed view of the Aravali Hills. Hence, the postgraduate hostels in the centre, referred to as PG 1 and PG 2, are thinner than the academic buildings at one end and the undergraduate hostels at the other.

The hostel buildings are designed in such a way that for every two floors that protrude, one floor recedes inwards. Large windows everywhere brings nature closer to the residents. The idea was to ensure that greenery of the hills be the main view of the residents.

“Man’s love and respect for nature needs to be enshrined in a student’s learning years. Hence, we want the students at NU to view the abundance of nature wherever they are and feel at one with nature.” says Mr Singh.

NU’s thoughtful and well-planned architectural plan is helping the cause of bringing man and nature together.

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