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Environment Policy

Committed to protect

The Environment Policy of NIIT University (NU) is enshrined in the Concept of Environment and Economic Sustainability. NU is fully committed to protect and conserve the natural environment, to provide a safe, comfortable, healthy and interactive educational and working environment, and to optimise the use of energy and natural resources through :

  • Reverence to Mother Nature
  • Compliance of all applicable environmental, occupational health and safety legislations and requirements of all interested parties
  • Continually improving the processes and work practices for prevention of pollution, ill health and injury and minimisation of risk
  • Conservation of energy, water and other resources by constantly enhancing efficiency, use of improved technology and ‘Integrated Management System’
  • Soil conservation and prevention of soil and water pollution by appropriate recycling and disposal of waste for improvement of ecosystem for future generations
  • Increased awareness of all stakeholders (Faculty/Staff/Students) through effective training on prevention and reduction of exposure to environment risks and hazards

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