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Everything You Need To Know About IPMAT 2024

Students are increasingly looking for pathways that offer a blend of comprehensive education and early career initiation. After the 12th, there are multiple streams, fields, paths and courses you can go for, but for that, you need to start thinking from the 10th standard onwards.

There are so many entry tickets for so many paths out there. For example, if you want to go for engineering, the entry ticket will be JEE, CUET or many other University level entrance exams scores; similarly, if you want to go into management studies, there are CAT, GMAT, CMAT, NMAT and another related entrance exam to pursue in management.

What After 12th?

However, these management exams are only for traditional MBAs, and you can not sit in these exams right after school. Then, what can you do to start your journey in management right after the 12th? If your heart is set and you’re confident about diving into management early, right after school, then an integrated programme might be your best bet.

The entry ticket for Integrated Management Courses is IPMAT. Conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, the IPMAT opens doors to the prestigious five-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) – a meticulously designed course that merges undergraduate and postgraduate studies in management.

Let’s explore what IPMAT is all about and how it can shape your future in management.

What Exactly Is The IPMAT Exam?

IPMAT is one such gateway that has captured the attention of ambitious young minds across India. It is the Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT). This exam paves the way for IIMs’ IPM courses, where the first three years focus on foundational subjects and the last two on management. This unique integrated MBA program combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies, offering a comprehensive dive into management from an early stage.

It’s designed for those who’ve just waved goodbye to their school days, ready to embrace the managerial world head-on. The IPMAT exam tests your aptitude, logical reasoning, and communication skills, preparing you for a rigorous academic and practical business education.


But why is it increasingly becoming the choice for 12th graders?

The IPMAT and the subsequent IPM program prepare you for the complexities of the business world right from your teenage years. Being associated with elite institutions like the IIMs right after school is not just prestigious; it’s a significant leap towards a successful career in management. The increasing awareness of the advantages of integrating managerial education with academic learning has made the IPMAT highly sought after.

Why Integrated MBA?

Let us look at some benefits of an Integrated MBA that might sum up why students and parents are choosing Integrated courses over the traditional method:

  • Early Start: iMBA programs let you dive into management studies right after school, giving you a head start in your career.
  • Integrated Curriculum: Combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies, offering a comprehensive understanding of business and management.
  • Time and Cost Efficient: Saves time and money by combining two degrees into a streamlined program.
  • Industry Ready: Prepares you with the skills and knowledge needed for the business world, enhancing employability and job prospects.

Students and parents alike recognise the value of stepping into management studies early on, ensuring a head start in understanding business complexities and developing a managerial mindset.

Important Details About IPMAT Exam

  • The IPMAT examination directs entry to the prestigious Integrated Program in Management (IPM) offered by various IIMs, spanning five years.
  • This test evaluates candidates on their proficiency in areas such as analytical thinking, logical deduction, and effective communication.
  • The exam is taken online and followed by a Personal Interview (PI).
  • The candidate should have scored at least 60% aggregate in class 10/SSC or class 12/HSC or equivalent exams.
  • Maximum 20 years of age is the age limit to take IPMAT exam.
  • While the IPMAT offers access to numerous IIMs, seats within the IPM course are competitively limited.
  • Strict eligibility requirements and cut-offs ensure the selection of the most qualified individuals. Cut-offs vary from year to year.
  • IPM program graduates are highly regarded in the business world for their skills and knowledge.

Colleges Accepting IPMAT Scores

While IPMAT was initially introduced by IIM Indore, other IIMs have also started accepting IPMAT scores for admission into their integrated MBA programs. This includes:

  • IIM Indore
  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Jammu
  • IIM Bodhgaya

And guess what? NIIT University also welcomes IPMAT scores, offering an Integrated MBA program tailored for aspiring business leaders like youIt’s noteworthy that some private universities, including NIIT University, also recognise IPMAT scores for admission into their Integrated MBA programs. This expands your options, offering a blend of curriculum rigour and unique learning experiences.

How To Prepare For The IPMAT Exam?

As you navigate the challenges of preparing for both your board exams and the IPMAT, it’s best to adopt a strategic approach that ensures effective preparation for both. Here’s a suggested plan to help you balance your efforts:

  • Prior to Board Exams: Allocate 2-3 hours daily to focus on IPMAT preparation. Start with the foundational topics before progressing to more complex concepts. This initial phase should lay the groundwork for your overall IPMAT preparation strategy leading up to your 12th Board exams.
  • Post-Board Exams Focus: Shift your concentration entirely to IPMAT preparation, with an emphasis on practice and review.
  • Syllabus Synergy: Depending on your chosen 12th-grade stream, you may find that certain subjects overlap with IPMAT content, potentially streamlining your study process.
  • Intensive Preparation Post-Boards: After the completion of board exams, dedicate the majority of your study time to IPMAT preparation, aiming to reinforce your understanding and enhance your test-taking skills.
What Is Considered A Good Score?

A “good score” in IPMAT can vary year to year based on the difficulty level of the exam and the competition. However, aiming for a score between 250 – 270 can significantly boost your chances of getting into your desired IIM. Keep an eye on the cut-off scores of the IIMs from previous years to set a benchmark for your preparation.

NIIT University: Your Ultimate Choice 

Distinguished among a select few business schools, we not only offer an Integrated MBA program but also accept IPMAT scores. Our 4-year iMBA program is rigorously designed to immerse students in both theoretical business studies and practical industry training, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive education. Our 4-year iMBA course is not just about books; it’s about getting you ready for the real business world with extensive industry training. Imagine spending six (6) months of your final semester not in a classroom but out there, working on actual projects with our industry partners. It’s not just an education; it’s an experience that prepares you for your future career.


The IPMAT exam is more than just a test; it’s a doorway to understanding business intricacies right from a young age, setting you up for a promising career in management. As you gear up to take on the challenge, remember that the right preparation strategy and a clear understanding of what lies ahead can turn this opportunity into a milestone in your academic and professional journey.

The selection process does not end with the test; it includes a Personal Interview (PI), ensuring a holistic evaluation of the candidate’s potential. It’s essential to note that despite the growing interest, the seats for the IPM program are limited across various IIMs, making the competition fierce and the reward equally gratifying.

You can also apply directly to NIIT University through the NUAT exam and get selected for iMBA Seats. For further information, visit the integrated MBA course details of NU and check the eligibility criteria for admission to a best university in India.

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