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What’s Next After B. Tech In Artificial Intelligence & Data Science?

What's Next After B. Tech In Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Imagine that you are standing on the precipice of technological transformation, where each line of code you write and every dataset you analyse could change how we live, work, and think. That’s the kind of world that awaits a graduate with a  B. Tech in AI & Data Science. With industries evolving fast, it is no longer enough to say that there is an increasing demand for skills related to artificial intelligence (AI) and data science; rather, it would be more accurate if we said such skills’ demands are exploding. 

Growing Need For AI And Data Science Professionals Through Numbers

The demand for AI and data science engineers is rapidly increasing. PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study predicts that by 2030, AI will result in an estimated $15.7 trillion or a 26% increase in the global GDP. This is a clear indication that the future will be dominated by professionals who have mastered the skills of data science and artificial intelligence. The World Economic Forum also estimates that 58 million jobs related to data science and artificial intelligence will be generated by 2025. 

These facts and future estimates make AI and data science engineering not only relevant but also very important fields of study at any level, including bachelor’s degree levels like this one here. Graduates can expect a career landscape that reflects the integration of these technologies across various domains where they are applied. 

Career Outlook for Data Science Professionals

We are currently experiencing the 4th Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, which is largely driven by the field of Data Science. This field is rapidly expanding and involves the collection, analysis, and exchange of large amounts of data. As a result, there is a high demand for professionals with various data science skills, but unfortunately, the supply of qualified candidates is struggling to keep up with demand.

Career Outlook for Artificial Intelligence Professionals

Artificial Intelligence professionals are responsible for training AI systems to capture and process data that can be used to provide solutions for different industries, businesses, and professions. As AI is rapidly evolving, these professionals are also involved in researching new applications to improve and innovate. In the near future, AI professionals will collaborate with engineers, agricultural professionals, scientists, bankers, doctors, biologists, HR professionals, IT experts, statisticians, marketers, managers, economists, and even startups.

Career Paths In AI And Data Science

  • Data Scientist: Working with large sets of information so as to unveil trends or patterns which inform better business decisions.
  • AI Engineer:  Building intelligent systems capable of imitating human thinking abilities towards finding solutions for complex tasks.
  • Big Data Engineer: Creating architectures that allow storage management optimisation while supporting advanced analytics and machine learning processes within organisations.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: Designing algorithms capable of self-improvement through exposure to new datasets over time.
  • Database Developer: Creating robust database environments necessary for running any application driven by data.

Different Industries With Different Roles To Play

There are many sectors where someone who has trained as an artificial intelligence and data scientist expert can find work that makes a difference:

  • Technology Giants: Tech firms like Google and Amazon, which have been at the forefront in adopting this technology, offer jobs where machines do things beyond their present capabilities;
  • Financial Services: Use of algorithms for fraud detection risk management, among other banking operations, aimed at improving customer experience.
  • Healthcare: Developing models predicting what treatment will work best for a patient based on their history while also dealing with large volumes of genetic materials requiring storage management solutions, among others.
  • Retail: Predictive analytics aimed at improving customer experiences through customised shopping recommendations coupled with better supply chain management systems;
  • Manufacturing industry: where automation processes driven by AI need better maintenance strategies because they are prone to breakdowns.

Why Study At NIIT University?

At NIIT University, we believe in the transformative power of AI and data science engineering . We started offering AI and data science engineering  programme in 2019 when it was a rarity in Indian colleges. We at NU always stay updated with B. Tech courses and their curriculums.  Our  BTech courses list is designed to provide students with practical skills that resonate within the industry and not just academic knowledge. We understand that there’s more to education than just knowing facts; it should be able to solve problems in real-life situations. Hence, our curriculum is hands-on based so as to ensure one is ready for employment upon completion.

Our Industry Integration Aim

We not only teach but also link our learners with companies during internships or live projects where they get actual experience about what goes on out there. This helps them appreciate current challenges facing organisations while coming up with innovative ways of addressing such issues themselves or together with others who may be having similar concerns. We have a record of 100% placement with 94% role fitment; you can check our placement list to learn about our industry partners and placed students.

The Final Words

Deciding on a B. Tech in AI and Data Science is not just choosing a career—it is about safeguarding your future. There are not only many routes, but every one of them has the potential to change things significantly. As one of India’s leading private engineering colleges, NIIT University is dedicated to fostering engineers who can work with artificial intelligence and data science ethically and creatively. Are you prepared for the adventure? Take a look at our BTech courses list, and step into tomorrow.
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