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Why Cybersecurity Matters Now More Than Ever: Urgent Need Of 2024?

Why Cybersecurity Matters Now More Than Ever Urgent Need Of 2024

India has been ranked number 10 in the world for cybercrime, with the most common type of fraud being scams, which involve people making advance fee payments. Yes, you heard it right. With a 300% spike in cybercrime, India is at number 10.

Cybersecurity threats not only jeopardise personal and corporate data but also have the potential to disrupt essential systems in the energy, finance, communication, and transportation sectors. Such disruptions could lead to severe economic, political, and health-related consequences, highlighting the necessity for robust cybersecurity measures to protect against data theft, loss, and other malicious activities.

This growing landscape of digital threats makes cybersecurity a vital field, demanding skilled professionals to safeguard our interconnected and data-driven world.

The Rising Demand For Cybersecurity

Every day, vast quantities of data are stored and transmitted across the internet, from personal information to critical infrastructure details. This data is often managed through interconnected IoT devices, which, while convenient, can pose significant security risks if not properly protected. 

Only Cyber Security Forces can save your data from being exploited and misused. This urgent need is driving an outstanding demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals across various sectors.

Cyber Security For Everyone

Contrary to popular belief, embarking on a career in cybersecurity doesn’t require a prior background in the field. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or someone looking to switch careers, cybersecurity offers a level playing field. The B. Tech Cyber Security syllabus is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of cybersecurity, making it accessible to everyone with an interest in protecting digital assets.

 Job Opportunities in 2024: Role-Wise

The field of cybersecurity is vast and varied, offering numerous roles that cater to different skill sets and interests, including:

  • Data Scientist: Working with large sets of information so as to unveil trends or patterns which inform better business decisions.
  • AI Engineer: Building intelligent systems capable of imitating human thinking abilities towards finding solutions for complex tasks.
  • Big Data Engineer: Creating architectures that allow storage management optimisation while supporting advanced analytics and machine learning processes within organisations.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: Designing algorithms capable of self-improvement through exposure to new datasets over time.
  • Database Developer: Creating robust database environments necessary for running any application driven by data.

These roles illustrate the diverse and dynamic career paths available in the field of cybersecurity, highlighting the expansive opportunities for those skilled in protecting digital landscapes.

Industry-Wise Opportunity Under Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a critical component across various sectors, reflecting its universal importance in safeguarding information and systems:

  • Technology and Software Development: These industries are at the forefront of digital innovation, making cybersecurity essential to protect intellectual property and sensitive data from cyber threats.
  • Financial Services and Banking: With vast amounts of financial data and transactions online, these sectors prioritise cybersecurity to protect against fraud and maintain customer trust.
  • Healthcare: Protecting patient data and hospital networks is paramount in healthcare, as cybersecurity breaches can have dire consequences on privacy and patient care.
  • Government and Defence: National security and public safety depend heavily on cybersecurity to protect sensitive government data and infrastructure from potential cyber-attacks.
  • Retail and E-commerce: As online shopping grows, so does the need for robust cybersecurity measures to secure consumer data and ensure safe transactions.

These industries are constantly on the lookout for skilled professionals to protect their data and systems.

Cyber Security: A Smart Career Choice

Choosing a career in cybersecurity by pursuing BTech Cyber Security is not only smart but also forward-thinking. Professionals in this field are well-compensated, highly sought after, and play a crucial role in shaping the security framework of the digital future.

NIIT University’s Cyber Security Programme

NU’s BTech Cyber Security programme stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum tailored to meet industry demands. It is a 4-year course meticulously designed to equip students with skills to identify cyber threats and implement robust security measures across essential networks. Our B Tech cyber security syllabus incorporates cutting-edge topics like Cryptography, Cloud Security, and AI in Cyber Security, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for critical roles in incident response, risk management, and cyber forensics, making it one of the best in the field. We have been offering the Cyber Security course as a specialisation area in its undergraduate programme since 2014, one of the oldest and most successful programmes of all. Our curriculum blends academic learning with practical, real-world applications, providing our students with a unique edge in the job market. Use our expertise to succeed in the field.


In conclusion, cybersecurity is not just a wise career choice; it’s a crucial field that impacts all aspects of modern life. It does not demand any prior knowledge or expertise; you can join if you do not know anything about it except your interest. In addition to that, if you choose the right University, then you can excel in this field from the very first year of the course. By choosing to study BTech Cyber Security at NIIT University, you’re not only securing your professional future but also contributing to the global effort of making the digital world a safer place. Check out our 100% Placement with 94% Role fitment records in the cyber security field and learn about the companies in which the student gets placed. Happy Future Folks!

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