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Dr Ashok Ambastha

A journey through the deep space towards the origin of the Universe

Dr Ashok Ambastha engaged the BTech students in a beautiful session on a Journey through space towards the origin of the Universe.

Dr Ambastha is a Professor at the Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory, Udaipur. He is an internally renounced scientist. He has over 98 research publications in national and international journals and four books dealing with the following subjects:

Astrophysics: Spiral Structure of disk galaxies and galactic dynamics

Plasma Physics: Computer experiments on charged particle motions in magnetic mirrors

Solar Physics: Solar oscillations (helioseismology), energetic transients (flares, CMEs), Velocity and magnetic fields in active regions, stability and eruption of prominences.

Total Solar Eclipse Expeditions: 1995 Kalpi (India), 1999 Isfahan (Iran); 2001 Lusaka (Zambia), 2006 Antalya (Iran), 2009 Anji (China)

Dr Ambastha is recipient of many awards, and to name a few:

  • “Enrico Fermi” Young Fellow, 1978, Varenna School, Italian Physical Society
  • NRC-NASA Senior Resident Research Associateship, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville (USA), 1992-93

You can check out the video of the talk here:

Dr Ashok Ambastha
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