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‘Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo’ at the 9th Annual Lecture by Dr Karan Singh

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Scholars congregate at the 9th Annual Lecture by Dr Karan Singh to hear him talk on how youth can draw inspiration from Sri Aurobindo

Dr Karan Singh, Chairperson NU and Hon’ble Member of Parliament spoke on ‘Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo’ at the 9th Annual Lecture held at NU campus, Neemrana.

On this much awaited occasion scholars, eminent personalities and thought leaders congregated to hear Dr Karan Singh talk on how the youth can draw inspiration from Sri Aurobindo. They clearly how the four Core Principles that shape Education at NU – Industry-linked, Research-driven, Technology-based and Seamless – are coming alive to create a new model in higher education.

Sri Aurobindo spelled out his five dreams on the Independence Day eve, on August 14th 1947 at the request of the All India Radio, Thiruchirapalli. The first dream was a revolutionary movement for a free and united India, and he laments the fact that although India is free, it is not united. The second was a resurgence and liberation of the peoples of Asia and her return to her great role in the progress of human civilisation. The third was a world union for all mankind and that is what, we are all striving to achieve as a global society today. The fourth was a spiritual gift of India to the world, and finally, the fifth was the evolutionary step to a higher and a larger consciousness.

Dr Karan Singh, Chairperson NIIT University and Hon’ble Member of Parliament congratulated the founders and the team on the successful completion of eight years of excellence in education. Talking about Sri Aurobindo, Dr Singh said that, he was a remarkable person who began his life as a student in England, came back as a teacher to Baroda, moved as a revolutionary to Calcutta, then went on to become the greatest philosopher of this century in Pondicherry. Sri Aurobindo’s genius illuminated the intellectual landscape. The great philosopher believed that none of the problems of the world can be solved unless there is a leap in the new consciousness. Only a successful model in higher education can help in inculcating a new consciousness and Dr Singh applauded the efforts of Mr Pawar and his team for establishing a new model in higher education.
Glimpses of the event in pictures:
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