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Professors Lecture

Founding Professors lecture series

NU Founding Professors Lecture Series brings together great thinkers who have been instrumental in inculcating the spirit of learning and innovation. The sharing of knowledge and insights on a spectrum of issues by these stalwarts creates an everlasting imprint on the scholars at NIIT, who would be the leaders of tomorrow.

The Founding Professor lecture series at NU, adds glory to the University’s vision of aspiring excellence in every field.

NU launched its Founding Professor Lecture series on 7th Aug, with an electrifying talk by Dr Dinesh Singh, who spoke on Mathematics- this most valuable subject that transcends cultural boundaries and is universally recognised as the most valuable subject. Dr Dinesh Singh is currently the Director, University of Delhi, South Campus, Adjunct Prof of Maths at University of Houston, Texas and Director, Mathematical Science Foundation, Delhi. He has been involved in many areas of mathematical research and education in trying to create a role model for education in India. He pioneered the use of IT and television in the area of mathematical education. Prof Dinesh Singh gave us an insight into various aspects of Mathematical glory in his lecture titled “From the Indus Civilization to Srinivasa Ramanujan: A History of Indian Mathematics” that revitalised our quest for knowledge and made us take more proud in our heritage.

25th Sep was an enriching day at the campus, when Prof P. V. Indiresan visited us along with his illustrious wife, Prof Jaya Indiresan as part of the Founding Professor Lecture series. Prof Indiresan’s speech on “Why the West is Rich” made us all rethink on how we could contribute in making our country a prosperous and flourishing place. He emphasised on the purpose of education which is to produce a generation of scholars and also spoke about the impact of technology in today’s world.