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NIIT University holds its 12th Convocation Ceremony

NIIT University holds its 12th Convocation Ceremony

NIIT University (NU) held the 12th Convocation ceremony on Saturday, 15 October 2022. The ceremony commenced at 11:00 am. Mr Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestle India Ltd. graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and delivered the Convocation Address. Mr Narayanan’s Convocation Address is available here.

About our Chief Guest, Mr Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestle India Ltd.
Mr. Suresh Narayanan joined the Board of Directors of Nestlé India Limited as Managing Director from 1st August, 2015. Mr. Narayanan has been designated as the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company with effect from 29th October, 2015. He is also member of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company. Mr. Suresh Narayanan holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. He has a Diploma from the IMD Program for Executive Development and has participated in the Nestlé Leadership Program of the London Business School. He has over 30 years of rich and exhaustive experience in the FMCG Industry and has held senior management and top leadership roles in leading global companies. Mr. Narayanan was Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines prior to joining Nestlé India as Managing Director. Mr. Narayanan joined Nestlé in 1999 as Executive Vice President for Sales in India, where he spearheaded major structural and strategic changes in Sales and Customer Management and set up the chilled dairy business. He moved to Nestlé Indochina in 2003, as Executive Director for Sales, Marketing and Food-Services, covering the countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Two years later in 2005, he returned to India as Head of Sales for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. In 2008, Mr. Narayanan was appointed as Managing Director of Nestlé Singapore Pte. Ltd., and remained there until 2010. During his time the overall business in Singapore witnessed sustained growth amidst the economic downturn. He was awarded the Medal of Commendation by the Government of Singapore in 2010, for excellence in employee relations during this challenging period. He moved to Nestlé Egypt as Chairman and CEO and Head of NEAR, where his initiatives resulted in significant business growth and investments despite the turbulence and volatility faced by the region at this time. Mr. Narayanan began his career as a management trainee with Hindustan Unilever, where he held numerous positions of increasing responsibility in Sales, Marketing and General Management. He has also worked with Colgate Palmolive in India.
Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Chairperson, NIIT University
Congratulations class of 2022, you have survived the 4 years with grace and passion. I am wishing the best to all graduates during this pivotal time in your lives. Take time to celebrate as your hard work and determination have led you to this point. Now is the time for seizing the future as you venture into a new normal as there are a number of opportunities available to you all. We all look forward to hearing about your future successes and accomplishments. You deserve this day to the fullest. Cheers!!
Mr. Rajendra S Pawar, Chairman & Co-Founder, NIIT Group and Founder, NIIT University
Dear NUtons, In this moment of pure pride and happiness, I want to congratulate all of you for what you have endured and aced through. Like a warrior ship that won’t kneel to the high tides, you, my dear Nutons, valiantly fought your way out of this global pandemic and graduated. This is a matter of great pride for NU. Now that this pandemic seems to be nearing its end, the transition is going to be difficult as well. Probably many of you are already working in the pre-pandemic atmosphere. Off one sea, to another, the uncertainty still lingers around. Therefore, I want you to sit down and relax for a moment. The path is far from over. But I believe you will ace that too. Don’t forget, your learning doesn’t stop here. Work your way in making this world a better place. Take the help of technology and take it as your duty to do so. Learn from the better, teach the ones not so privileged as you. Stay grounded always. I wish you all continued success in this journey that you’re about to embark on. Shine all the way through and keep making NU proud!
Mr. Vijay Thadani, Co-Founder, NIIT University, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NIIT Limited
My dear Graduating NUtons, Heartiest Congratulations to you on this unique milestone that represents a critical achievement in your professional journey. It seems like only yesterday that we interacted with you and your parents on your joining NU. We deliberated on your dreams and aspirations and worked with you to design your future. The world that awaits you in the next phase of your professional life, is experiencing a high degree of volatility, uncertainty, and complexity. While your contemporaries elsewhere would be nervous, I am confident that you are looking at this as an opportunity to display your mettle, by boldly exploring the unknown and solving the new problems that humanity is confronted with. Your companions in this journey will be the diverse competencies that you developed as a NUton; of rich multidisciplinary learning on a strong foundation of human values, and a solid repertoire of professional skills for the 21st Century; agility and adaptivity, curiosity and collaboration, empathy and positive energy. As you cherish the fruits of your hard work, perseverance, and resolve, I wish you all the success in everything that you do. Dream big, embark on who you are, embrace life passionately, and keep reaching for the stars. So, shine on, go for it, and do NU proud!!
Prof. Rajesh Khanna, President, NIIT University
Dear NUtons, As all of you graduating students steer through one of the critical passages of your life, it is a moment of pride, happiness and perhaps even some sadness as you grow into a little less carefree world. It is a great achievement, with the pandemic around, you worked your way through one of the most crucial years of your higher education with flying colors. As this new phase dawns on you with more responsibilities, I want you to keep alive the child within you. What is life without the moments of happiness you create for yourselves and others. Let learning be your tool for growth and your passion be your reason for happiness. Keep exploring new things, find new passions and live life to the fullest. Be grateful for what you have and strive for what you aspire to be. As you head towards this new phase, I want you to walk back the memory lane and relive through some of the sweetest memories of this Campus. I congratulate you on this crucial milestone of your life and wish for you, a life filled with success and happiness. Keep making us proud!

Degrees awarded

Master of Technology
Sudipta Kundu Suyash Khare
Master of Business Administration
Anup Verma Karan Singh Saurabh Kathuria Himanshi Mehra
Mandeep Singh Nayanjyoti Borkalita Neeraj Prakash Payal Chaudhary
Sukrit Saxena
Master of Business Administration (Integrated)
Abhilash Haluvally Aishi Bhattacharya Ayushman Rai Shrivastava Bhargab Deka
Gokul Dev Gupta K Aditya Mounika Thatha Naik Aditya Naresh
Nehul Choudhary Parnika Jindal Pratibha Kumari Roshan Sinha
Sarthak Jain Sharma Shivani Shravankumar Sneh Kumar Mishra Suyash Bapat
Ussam Husain Siddiqui Yadav Govind Suryabhan
Bachelor of Technology
Anmol Sharma Ayan Kashyap Hazra Arnav Asim Kodam Sai Krishna
Nimi Vaidya Nirmit Pokhriyal Sanskar Agrawal Sourav Shaw
Sundara Kishore Kumar Yash Jain Aaditya Gupta Aayushman Arya
Abhinav Gupta Aditya Abhishek Aditya Joshi Ahire Om Kisan
Akshat Bhandari Akshat Jain Akshay Sharma Ali Khan
Aman Gupta Aman Kumar Singh Aman Mehra Amit Ladha
Aniket Chakraborty Anjan Neema Ankit Gupta Ankita Sharma
Anoop Gupta Anup Mishra Anushree Krishania Arjun Bakshi
Arjun Seth Arpita Singh Ashwini Mohapatra Astha Kumar
Avinash Yuvraj Patil Ayush Gupta Bhavya Narang Bhowmik Abhilash Ashim
Bora Srikeerthana Reddy Charitha Chowdary Madala Darsh Manish Gandhi Deena Nath Srivastava
Deepak Polaram Patel Deergha Borker Dishank Kalra Divtej Singh Bindra
Dokku Diwakara Sai Hari Hara Prabhu Gaonkar Aditya Surendra Garray Aneesh Grandy Maddhav
Gunturu Sai Prateek Reddy Gurtejsingh Ahluwalia Harsh Prashant Bhandari Hritik Dalal
Hritik Minhas Ish Chaudhary Jatin Singal Jitender Reddy Kalli
K Harshitha K Sandeep K Vivek Kailash Karthik Sekhar
Kanchan Ninad Krishna Kanishya Mohan Karwa Ashutosh Narendra Kashish Chhotaria
Kawal Nain Singh Batra Kesapragada Subramanyam Sai Srivatsav Kishu Jain Kolavennu Sai Sri Ganesh
Kommineni Monika Kondra Avinash Kouthagouni Nikhil Reddy Kshirsagar Pranav Kishor
Madepally Divakar Reddy Malla Vimal Sanathan Manasi S Charlu Mandadi Yamuna Reddy
Mayank Garg Mayank Gubba Mayuri Mahesh Mane Md. Zubair Hossain Emon
Mohammed Faisal Mohammed Khaja Inayath Mohd Hamza Ahsan Mokilla Rohith Reddy
Mousumi Saha Mudit Dixit Mundhra Yogesh Pawan Muskaan Mahindrakar
Muskan Goel N C Mohit Namburu Eswara Venkata Dhana Naga Sai Navelli Gupta
Nidhi Khemka Nikhil Khandelwal Nitish Ranjan Parmar Harsh Yogeshbhai
Pearl Miglani Pranav Bhardwaj Pranay Kumar Shrivastava Prateek Sharma
Pratyaksh Mathur Prerana Manish Bhasein Priyanshu Joshi Rajat Kaushik
Rajat Sran Ramaswamy Manikant Reddy Rangu Sai Kiran Richard Tony
Riona Chakrabarti Ritav Das Ritik Chugh Ritik Sharma
Ritu Sihag Riya Jain Sachit Pandey Sagar Makar
Sahasrabdi Bhattacherya Sahil Singh Sahil Singh Rawat Sai Praneeth Diddigam
Samarth Gangwal Sandhya Alagarsamy Chettiar Sarthak Banerjee Sarthak Khabiya
Sarthak Sharma Sathya Narayana Bhat Satvik Sharma Seshadri Dutta
Shashwat Kumar Shefali Shikhar Dixit Shravya Gupta
Shresth Rana Shrey Bhardwaj Shreya Chauhan Shreyans Jain
Shrihari Shukla Shubham Meher Siddamreddy Pavan Kumar Reddy Siddhant Sharma
Siddhant Sharma Siddharth Sharma Siddhartha Adapa Siddhi Lad
Somanshu Vikram Singh Somya Gupta Soumya Shah Sparsh Kumar
Sristi Agrawal Sudha Chaudhry Sushmita Nandy Svayam Krishna Gopal
Swattik Chakrabarty Tammana Karthik Tanish Gupta Tanmay Chaturvedi
Tanuj Pandey Thadishetty Somanath Vamshi Titas Das Tripti Lamba
Trisha Sharma Tushar Jadli Vankamamidi Muthya Varshith Varun Bisht
Vidyam Sreevathsav Sarma Vijendra Raghuwanshi Virag Sharma Vishnu Sharma
Vyoman Jain Yash Agarwal Yash Jain Yashas Grover
Yukta Sharma Yuvraj Singh

List of Medal Winners - 2022

Dr. Karan Singh Gold Medal-2022
Ram Rajindra Malhotra Medal-2022

Some glimpses:

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