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Fourth Annual Lecture 1

NIIT University, Neemrana celebrated its Fourth Annual Lecture

NIIT University recently hosted its Fourth Annual Lecture and Second Convocation Ceremony on 17th November 2012 to score its existence as a model in Higher education. On this significant occasion academicians, industry leaders and students converged at NU to discuss the pressing need to establish connect between education and the emergent knowledge economy. They also deliberated on the various challenges faced by higher education today and innovative measures that educational institutes need to take to groom ‘leaders of tomorrow’.

On this occasion, Dr. Karan Singh, Chairperson, NIIT University & Hon’ble Member of Parliament and Syeda Imam, acclaimed Author and Member, National Commission for Minority, Govt. of India were the distinguished guests. Mr. Rajendra Pawar, Padma Bhushan, Founder of NIIT University, Mr. Vijay Thadani, CEO, NIIT Ltd. and Co-founder of NIIT University and Dr. Rajeev Shorey, President, NIIT University were other notable people present to honor the guests. Distinguished luminaries, guests and parents joined to celebrate the event and it was a privileged moment to hear the progressive thoughts by the invited dignitaries.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp. Mr. Rajendra Pawar formally welcomed the dignitaries and stressed the need to revive curiosity in the students. He further explained the core principles; Industry-linked, Technology-based, Research-driven and Seamlessness. He dedicated this lecture to the very principle of seamlessness and invited Dr. Karan Singh to further deliberate over the relevance in the recent development in the field of education. Talking about the university’s endeavor to create a sustainable campus, he explained the various initiatives undertaken to facilitate ecological resurrection and contain ecological degradation of its surrounding areas. He elaborated the initiatives carried out; Conversion of the neighboring barren ‘Kali Pahari’ to a fertile ‘Hari Pahari’, Drip Irrigation, Minimizing carbon footprint through Earth Air-Tunnels, Preserving natural resources with water-recycling, Containing illegal mining of rocks, Controlling Soil-Erosion, Nursery of local plant varieties and many more. Mr. Vijay Thadani, CEO, NIIT Ltd. and Co-founder of NIIT University formally welcomed the chief guest, Syeda Imam to deliver her lecture, ‘Only Connect’. She started with a deliberation over the benefits of university life. Each student must be taught that his first and foremost duty is to attain Self-realization and to cultivate universal brotherhood. The real work of all universities must be to unite man with man. The main purpose of education must be to make man a real man with all divine attributes.

Dr. Karan Singh congratulated Mr. Pawar and his team on successful completion of four years of excellence, in education. In his address, Dr. Singh said, “We live in challenging times and it has become absolutely essential for our higher educational institutions to meet these challenges. During my first lecture here in 2009, I mentioned that NU gives a glimpse of what future educational institutions can be. I congratulate Mr. Pawar and his team for making great strides in this direction, with NU truly evolving as a University of the future“. Expressing his delight on the progress of the nascent university, he talked about the need of secular education. He stressed the need of high ideals of life. Realizing the current status of the country, Dr. Singh cited Mundaka Upanishad as notable source of the phrase Satyameva jayate (Meaning of this phrase is “Truth alone triumphs”), the national motto of India, to accentuate the need of complete political revolution along with economic revolution. He talked about other challenges in meeting the successful tasks of effective implementation of RTI, Population Control, and Right to Food (RTF), if possible in the years to come.

Talking further on the line of religious freedom, he said, “It is a time to look out for the commonality among all religions rather than looking at the core differences in their respective practices. We should see the commonality on the questions of preservation of children, rehabilitations of the handicaps etc”. He stressed the need for all to develop individual relationship with the divine in our effort to provide more stability to India. He appealed to all that any kind of religious fundamentalism is a threat to the very secular nature of this country. He summed up his lecture with an appeal that ‘the soul is immortal, self-luminous distinct from the waking dreaming and deep-sleep states and that the individual soul is identical with the Supreme Soul. This is real education. World needs men rich in intuition. Awakened souls who have attained illumination are a blessing to the world. They will guide people in the path of righteousness and help them to cross the ocean of ignorance and attain Immortality and Eternal Bliss. They will guide the heads of the educational institutions.’

During the day, Dr. Karan Singh awarded degree certificates to M. Tech students from the emerging field of Educational Technology (ET) and to the second batch of MBA students. The emerging field of ET has the potential to transform the way organizations conduct business today. The world of business itself has undergone a transformation in tandem with technological advances, moving from local to global operations with innovation becoming the key for both survival and success. TheNU MBA is a comprehensive management programme aligned to the needs of the industry, wherein every MBA student is guided and mentored by an eminent CEO and coached by industry professionals. The four students who were awarded their degrees of M. Tech in ET are; Manjula Gurla, Rajat Patranabhis, Vijay Raghavachary and Vijayendra Kulkarni. Manjula Gurla was awarded Gold Medal for the first position in the programme of study. The nine students who were awarded their degrees of Master of Business Administration (MBA) are; Aabir Ahmed, Akash Bhasin, Anoop G, Gagandeep Singh, Kanishka Sharma, Navneet Bhatrai, Rohit Gupta and Sanand Mishra. Rohit Gupta was awarded Gold Medal for his outstanding performance and securing first position in the programme of study.

Dr. Rajeev Shorey delivered the vote of thanks and highlighted the key developments that took place in the last three years of the university.
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