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NIIT University welcomes Class of 2019

Class of 2019
Inspirational sessions by NIIT University’s Founder Rajendra S Pawar, Co-Founder Vijay Thadani and NU President Dr RK Pandey

NIIT University welcomed the new batch of BTech 2015-2019 students with inspirational sessions by NIIT University’s Founder Rajendra S Pawar, Co-Founder Vijay Thadani and NIIT University President Dr RK Pandey. Together they shared words of advice and wisdom with the students.

Mr Rajendra S Pawar, Founder, NIIT University spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship for the current generation. “Students should consider being an entrepreneur since the nation needs jobs and entrepreneurs are the job creators”, he said. Students were encouraged to spend time beyond studies to build themselves as an individual. He added that one should always go beyond the classroom and learn new things.

Dr Rajendra Kumar Pandey, President, NIIT University shared his thoughts on the importance of being committed to one’s goals. The formula for success is to be a critical thinker, problem solver and being extremely committed towards work. Dr Pandey shared with students the principles of NIIT University and officially declared the academic year open for the class of BTech 2019.

Mr Vijay Kumar Thadani, Co-founder, NIIT University, opened the talk by asking students to share their views on the meaning of 21st century Global Citizen, to which students replied with immense enthusiasm. He enlightened students with the abundant opportunities available in 21st century and acquainted everyone about the skill demands of modern industries. ” While being focused is a good thing, one should try out everything and find out what works for one and what doesn’t”, he said.

Mr Thadani also acquainted students about the learning experience they would have at NIIT University and opened it for a Q&A session. He closed his talk by affirming students that they will meet more often as they together will have to build the runway to the stars!

We wish a hearty and a warm welcome to the BTech class of 2019.

All the best to the class of 2019.
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