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Fest Ingenuity 2014

NU Fest – Ingenuity 2014

NU Fest 01
Ingenuity 2014 was the 2nd annual Techno-Cultural fest of NIIT University, Neemrana.
NU Fest 02
It was a 3 day extravaganza, from the 7-9 of March. These 3 days saw the University host to over 40 interesting and off the beat events along with a footfall of over 2000 people from the NCR and Jaipur region. Overall prizes were worth Rs. 2 lakhs. Special attractions during the fest were celebrity performances by famous DJ Nucleya and band The Limited Experience.
NU Fest 03
The fest was sponsored by industry giants like FIEM Industries and ONGC. The event was appreciated by all and was a grand success.
NU Fest 04
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