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University Of The Year 01

NIIT University (NU) wins 'University of the Year (North)' award at the Indian Education Congress & Awards 2020

NIIT University (NU) was awarded ‘University of the Year (North)’ in the Higher Education Awards category at the Indian Education Congress & Awards 2020. Held in Bengaluru, this is awarded to an institution that has ‘demonstrated exceptional performance in the past academic year’. The Indian Education Awards are the most prestigious awards that recognise excellence in the education sector. The annual award was announced at the 10th Indian Education Congress 2020 that brought together pathbreakers in education to share their experiences and views on the future of education.

University Of The Year 01

Ms Ratnaraja Singh, Industry Practice Faculty & Mr Prateek Chatterjee receiving the 'University of the Year (North)' on behalf of NU

University Of The Year 02
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