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NUtons visit Silicon Valley, USA as part of Rajasthan Student Startup Exposure Program

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NUtons, Archit Kaila and Ayushi Goel, Class of 2019, incubating their start-up @ NU Incubator, have been chosen to be part of a 100-member team for a 2-week residential program at Silicon Valley, San Francisco. The program is offered by Government of Rajasthan under its unique Rajasthan Student Startup Exposure Program. The trip is scheduled from 30th July to 14th August, 2018. Three start-ups from NU applied for the program.

The team will be taken through different aspects of building a technology startup during the learning program at Silicon Valley. They will also get an opportunity to interact with the founders of world class startups.

NU congratulates Archit and Ayushi and wishes them all the best in their various entrepreneurial endeavors!

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