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Orientation Program

Orientation Programme

Orientation Program
The second MBA batch at NU went through a two day orientation program on the 18th and 19th of July preceding the start of classes which acquainted them with the legacy, vision, mission and core principles of the university. The program started with the welcome address and an overview of the academic norms of the program by Prof Parimal Mandke, followed by the introduction to the curriculum by Prof S. Dey and Prof Praveen Sharma. While Prof Bhusnumarth provided the useful tips on how to approach MBA Education, the students got a glimpse of the campus through the brief address by Air Cmde Kamal Singh. What was most enjoyable for the new batch was the session that included some interesting games which gave them relaxed opportunity to know each other. The comprehensive Orientation Program indeed facilitated the induction of the new batch of MBA students to the key facets of the program.
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