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Professor Lehmann

Professor Lehmann’s Visit to NU

Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor Emeritus, and IMD Lusanne visited NU from April 30th to May 4th. Prof. Lehmann is a Professor of International Political Economy at IMD (Institute for Management Development) in Lausanne, Switzerland. His areas of expertise are the socio-economic and business dynamics of East Asia, the impact of globalization on developing countries, and the global trade and investment policy process. He also acts in various leading capacities in several public policy forums and organizations on the subject across the world.

Professor Lehmann was invited as a visiting professor to conduct a seminar and an audit course on globalization and the emerging role of Asia as a key player in the new world order.

Following are the highlights of his week-long visit to NU:

April 29: Seminar for faculty and MBA F & B students, titled – Adjusting to seismic shifts: Perspectives on and prospects for a Eurasian economic space.

April 30to May 4: An audit course for NU-MBA and F & B-MBA students titled – Asia in the New Global Economic (Dis?) Order. Students received a Certificate of participation for the audit course

April 30 to May 4: Small group discussions on globalization and Asian economy were conducted every evening on topics such as globalization and its impact on the emerging market economies and financial sector reforms necessary in a globalized world economy

April 30 to May 4: Meeting with MBA faculty on MBA curriculum design and sharing of teaching experiences at IMD and Insead

May 1: A discussion with NU’s Asian Lens Initiative Committee and Leadership Team

Professor Lehmann’s visit to NU was very well received by faculty and students and created a heightened intellectual discourse on campus. Faculty and students benefitted from as well as enjoyed many formal and informal interactions with Prof. Lehmann. Prof. Lehmann’s visit culminated in his sharing his experiences at NU and plans for academic activities during his future visits to NU with the leadership team and the faculty. He highlighted his own delight for visiting NU, the student enthusiasm for his course and a “sense of community” on the campus
Professor Lehmann
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